The Lost Friend

Mavis Styles and Jessica Zooan are ordinary people. Their friends are Joses, Jechonias, Jocelyn, and Angelia. Life goes as normal, until their friend Joses goes missing... As the gang find out what happen, they are also kidnapped, one bye one.... Now it's up to one person to save her friends.

In this story, you will see what friends can do for love.


7. Finding The Gang

Jess's P.O.V

I can't believe he was gone.... He sacrificed himself for me.... Well if he's not dead, I'd better get Angie and Jocy to a safe place and find Jojo and Mavy. I ran out to the bushes where Jocy and Angie we hiding, but they weren't there! Then I saw their guns and tasers. I bet Clara caught them. Wait, what?! Clara caught them?! OK, now I better call Nadra, cos Australia is only a few miles away or something. I called Nadra on my cell phone. Good thing I brought that.

"Hello?" said an Australian voice. "NADRA! I need your help. Can you jet over here please?" I screamed. "By water?! Sure? Where are you?" she said. "I'm two houses away from our house! Now c'mon, no time here!" I screamed. "OK, OK, I'll be there before you can say kidnap!" she screamed back. Right after I hung up, she was standing right in front of me.

"How did you...?" I said, confused. "Hello? No time you said? Now what's your prob?" she screamed. "The gang have been kidnapped by Jo's ex! Just cos she thought Jo cheated on her!" I screamed back. "Well let's get into the house! I've got some gadgets here." she screamed back.

She gave me some of her gadgets and we both sneaked into the house.

"Where is that Brat?!" I said. "Shh, she might see us." whispered Nadra.

We pushed the wall. Suddenly, a door opened and we saw the gang, hanging from the ceiling. We saw Clara and her ninjas.
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