The Lost Friend

Mavis Styles and Jessica Zooan are ordinary people. Their friends are Joses, Jechonias, Jocelyn, and Angelia. Life goes as normal, until their friend Joses goes missing... As the gang find out what happen, they are also kidnapped, one bye one.... Now it's up to one person to save her friends.

In this story, you will see what friends can do for love.


8. Fighting Clara

Jojo's P.O.V

"Hey, guys I think I heard Nadra and Jess barge in the room" I said

"Really? I think we better make an escape plan while they distract Clara and her ninja's." Mavy said

"Cool, but I say If you want to make a plan you better hurry up." Jeje said

"I don't really have any ideas." I said with Jocy,Angie and Jeje

Mavy's P.O.V

"First when Nadra and Jess is sort of distracting Clara (and her ninja's) we try to swing to the other side remember what she said? Clara: It the rope will move by it self if u move then it goes faster down. right? remember oh don't tell me you guys forgot about that.." I said

"Uheheh we kinda did..." Jojo said

"Well, now at least try to swing.!"  I whispered

While Nadra and Jess are fighting the ninja's they swing and swinged and swing many times and finally reached the ground but what happened to Jess and Nadra?

"Uhh thank God we escaped. It's not cool being hung above a pit of acid about to die." Angie said

"But where is Nadra and Jess it's quiet here..." I said

(kring-kring, kring-kring) my cell-phone went then I picked it up and said "Hello?" While I loud speakered it...

"If you want your friends back then meet me here at 12:00 pm and bring Jojo only you 2 if I know you bring your other friend they your friends will pay the price!" Clara shouted

Then I hung up the phone saying"What to do O'Lord.?"



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