The Lost Friend

Mavis Styles and Jessica Zooan are ordinary people. Their friends are Joses, Jechonias, Jocelyn, and Angelia. Life goes as normal, until their friend Joses goes missing... As the gang find out what happen, they are also kidnapped, one bye one.... Now it's up to one person to save her friends.

In this story, you will see what friends can do for love.


1. A normal day

Mavy P.O.V

One a beautiful bright day ,The sun went up

"Good morning , Jess" I said

Jess P.O.V

"Morni'n Mavy what a wonderful day" I said

"I think you need a shower,Jess" she said

"I think so too...," I replied "By the way the twins are coming to play."

"What!!!, you didn't told me they were coming to play..." She said.



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