This little life of mine

When 16 year old, Lacy, and her best friend Ashlyn go to a 1D concert they discover something amazing. Lacy and one of the band members become best friends and he falls in love! But so does someone else in the band. Will Niall get the girl or does the other boy win?


4. The show

They started the show with little things so Zayn came on stage first. Then, Liam joined him. Next came Louis then Harry. When Niall came out he started to sing and when they were doing the chorus he pointed to me. Directly at me! The next song was C'mon C'mon. I loved it, all of it! Through the whole concert Niall kept pointing or walking towards me. When they were done singing they all as on a couch.
"Well, we're going to pick five people out of the crowd to play a game with us," Harry said in the sexiest accent!
"Alright Niall you pick first. Then, Liam, me, Harry, and Zayn," Louis said. They all stood up and Niall walked up to the part of the stage where I was.
"Alright," he said very irishly ," I choose you!"
"Me?" I asked unbelievingly.
"Yes you!" He pulled me on the stage and said, " Liam." He covered his microphone and whispered in my ear," I had to." When it was sauna turn he picked Ashlyn.
"Well," Liam said, " lets play the game!"
"Liam, mate, I think we should explain the game so they know how to play," Zayn said with a chuckle," you have to get one of both players leg tied together and we race!"
"A three legged race!" Ashlyn exclaimed.
"Uhh I guess love," Zayn said. Then we had to prepare.
"Alright, game plan," Niall said," I say in we step with this leg I say out we step with the other, got it?"
"Yes, let's win," was all I could hey out of my mouth. He flashed me a dashing smile and we practiced. About two minutes passed and we had to get lined up.
"On your mark, get set, GO!" Me and Niall used our strategy and won!
"Woohoo! We won! Yess!" Niall screamed. Then he gave me a huge kiss on my forehead.
"Oh uh.. Sorry," he said shyly. Then we untied and I got off stage. Later, we cooled off outside for a few minutes and went back in for the meet n' greet. I was on my phone while we were waiting in line and I noticed. One of my contacts were Niall H. What? So I texted it.
Me: hey! Who is this?
Niall H.: it's me Niall! Ur at my concert and I don't mean to be creepy love, but I can see u waiting in line
Me: how is ur # in my phone?
Niall:I put it in when I texted that David guy back I hope u dont mind I'm so sorry I shouldn't have
Me: I don't mind but how do I know it's really u?
Niall: ill prove it to u at the meet n greet but I gtg love, see u in a minute:)
I told Ashlyn everything, actually I forwarded all the messages to her.
"O.M.G. No way!" Ashlyn squealed.
We were at the tables and Harry was first.
"Hello love," Harry said signing my CD.
"Hi," I replied. The same thing happened for Louis and Zayn, but Liam said,
"Hello again," and hugged me. When u got to Niall he took a picture with me and whispered in my ear,
"It's me!" Then my phone went off and he sent me the picture. I didn't know what to do.
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