This little life of mine

When 16 year old, Lacy, and her best friend Ashlyn go to a 1D concert they discover something amazing. Lacy and one of the band members become best friends and he falls in love! But so does someone else in the band. Will Niall get the girl or does the other boy win?


6. The party

why am I here," I mumble to myself as we pull into Katie's driveway.
"C'mon you know you'll have fun! Just hang out with Mark he'd enjoy it," Ashlyn tries to encourage me.
"Mark will think I wanna date him if I hang out with him and I don't want to date him!" I tell her.
"We'll just shut up and let me have fun! I think Scotty's gonna ask me out!" She says excitedly. We got out of the car and I walked up the steps. My night was going great until I saw Katie,my second best friend, kissing David, my ex who broke up with not even a week ago! I ran and found Ashlyn.
"O.M.G. Sorry Scotty I have to steal her for a minute," I say, guess who I just say making out with David!"
"Uhm idk who?!?!"
"KATIE! Can you believe it!"
"No way! Are you okay? Do you wanna go home? Scotty will understand," she says.
"Uhmm no it's fine I'm okay I'll just txt Niall until you're ready to go," I answered.
" ok if u wanna go come find me," she says. I went and found a couch. I was sitting alone but I didn't care. I pulled out my phone and I had a txt from Niall.
Niall : hello love
Me: hey
Niall : whats up?
Me: I'm a party and its lame
Niall : y is it lame parties r supposed to be fun
Me: my ex boyfriend is kissing one of my best friends:( but idc bcuz he was a total douche
Niall : I'm sorry love
Me: it's fine what r u doing?
Niall : I'm hanging with the boys they want to know if they can have ur #
Me: sure
Niall : ok they said they'll txt u later
Me: ok so how are u?
Niall : I'm good what about you
Me: haha I'm fine so y did u decide to give me ur # and txt me
Niall : bcuz u were beautiful and I thought it would make ur day
Me: well it made my whole year and thank u ur very cute yourself
Niall : I get that a lot:)
Me: haha well I have to go ill txt u when I get home
Niall :ok love
I got up and decided to look for Ashlyn outside. As I turned around someone spilt there drink all over me!
"I'm so sorry let me get that," I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around to see David standing there reaching for my waist were he spilt his drink.
"It's fine I got," I say trying to turn but he had me by the waist.
"Please let go," I said pleading.
"Kiss me," he whispered in my ear. He was definitely drunk. I pried his hands off of me and walked through the crowded house until I got outside. I found Ashlyn.
"What happened to your dress?" Ashlyn asked.
"Uhm David spilt his drink on me and then tried to kiss me and ya so.. I don't mean to be a buzzkill bob but can we go?" I asked.
"Sure ill meet you at the car in a minute,"she answered. I went to the car and got in. My favorite neon orange dress was ruined! Ugh!
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