This little life of mine

When 16 year old, Lacy, and her best friend Ashlyn go to a 1D concert they discover something amazing. Lacy and one of the band members become best friends and he falls in love! But so does someone else in the band. Will Niall get the girl or does the other boy win?


2. The look

The door opened and out came Harry Freakin' Styles!
"AHHHH OMG!" Was all people said. Then popped out the other four. Niall-who was rocking beige skinny jeans and a nice fitted blue t-shirt-was the last one out.
"They're even cuter in person!" Ashlyn squeaked in my ear.
"I know!" I shouted back at her. Then it happened. Niall Horan looked at me and showed me to Liam. Then, Liam waved at me, directly at me!
"Ashlyn, Niall just pointed me out to Liam. Then Liam waved to me, me! Can you believe it?!?!" I shrieked.
"How do you know it was to you?" Ashlyn asked in wonderment.
"Because I pointed to me and Niall hollered 'yes love!'" I answer excitedly. Then, the boys went into the arena and we had to wait:/
"What time is it?" Ashlyn asked.
"6:34 A.M." My mother answered.
"O.M.G. We have to wait until 11:00A.M. That's fine and a half hours!" I said poopy like.
"Well, I have another surprise!" My mother said.
"Really? What!?!?" Ashlyn and I asked in unison.
"Well here," my mother said handing us both thin little packages wrapped in British and Irish flags. We opened them and flipped out!
"O.M.G. These are Meet n' Greet passes for One Direction and its today! O.M.G. Really AHHHH!" Ashlyn and I were flipping out for what seemed like forever. Then we passed in our tent waiting for the concert!
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