This little life of mine

When 16 year old, Lacy, and her best friend Ashlyn go to a 1D concert they discover something amazing. Lacy and one of the band members become best friends and he falls in love! But so does someone else in the band. Will Niall get the girl or does the other boy win?


7. Skype

We got home around 8:30 P.M.
"I'm sorry about everything that happened we shouldn't have went to that stupid party," Ashlyn went on apologizing. I didn't really pay attention. I put on my zebra pajama shorts and left on my orange tank top and decided to txt Niall.
Me: hey
He didn't txt back yet.
"Will you hand me my bucket full of nail polish," I asked Ashlyn.
"Ya lets paint nails!" She's such a dork. I was on my third toe when my phone went off.
"Ashlyn will you hand me my phone?" I asked her nicely.
"Sure," she said, "O.M.G. It's Niall he said,'hello love' how sweet!"
"Give me that," I said.
Me: whats up?
Niall :nothin just got home
Me: how cool
Niall:haha not really love, but do u want to Skype?
Me: uhhh sure
Niall: ok my Skype name is nialler93
Me: ok see ya in a min
"Ashlyn will you hand me my laptop?"
"Ashley you want me to do everything dont you? NO!"
"I'll let you Skype Niall Horan with me!"
"O.M.G. Here!" She said handing me my laptop. His face magically appeared on my laptop screen.
"Hello love," niall said
"Hey," I said casually but I was flipping out on the inside.
"O.M.G. It's really him!" Ashlyn squealed.
"Haha of course! You must be Ashlyn," Niall said.
"He knows my name!" She told me.
"I know," I said smiling and rolling my eyes.
"Well would you like to see my house, well on screen," he asked.
"Haha sure," I answered for both of us. We saw his house and we talked and it actually lasted until about 10:45. Then he said he had to go to bed and we said goodnight and Ashlyn was still stunned.
"I can't believe it!" She squealed as we were laying down.
"Well try to and go to bed," I said. It's 1:30 in the morning and she still won't shut up. I decided to listen to music and I finally fell asleep.
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