This little life of mine

When 16 year old, Lacy, and her best friend Ashlyn go to a 1D concert they discover something amazing. Lacy and one of the band members become best friends and he falls in love! But so does someone else in the band. Will Niall get the girl or does the other boy win?


9. Ireland(:

Ashlyn spent the night with me and we had to get up at 4:30 in the morning! I was tired but excited! Actually I couldn't wait.
"Omg aren't you sooo excited I can't wait! Did you txt Niall yet to tell him were driving to the airport," Ashlyn asked reminding me I still have to.
"No, not yet I will right now though," I replied groggily pulling out my phone. I searched for Niall's contact and then sent him a txt.
Me: hey were on our way to the airport I'm so excited
Niall : can't wait to see u love and the boys are going to be getting on the same plane as u in London how cool
Me: no way I can't wait either
"The boys are going to get on the plane with us in London," I told Ashlyn who then flipped out and screamed so loud that it definitely woke me up for good.
When we got onto our flight we had 12 1/2 hours until we get to London:( Me and Ashlyn had plans to sleep on the plane and that's exactly what we did. ��������������
"Ashley wake up were in London! The boys will be getting on soon ahh!! Wake up!" I woke up to Ashlyn. I sat up and got ready to land. We had to change planes in London so we got off our plane and walked into the airport.
"We have to wait 15 minutes for the next plane and - why is your last name on that mans paper," Ashlyn looked puzzled. I turned around and saw a big guy holding a paper that said CURTIS.
"Someone else must have the same name," I told her and then the guy came to us.
"Ashley Curtis? Ashlyn Watson?" He asked.
"Yes," we said in unison.
"Come with me I'm a bodyguard for Harry Styles," he said whispering Harry Styles. We went with him and he took us to Harry and Liam and Louis and Zayn.
"Hey I'm Louis," Louis said jumping off of the couch he was sitting on in a little room at the airport.
"I know," I said laughing," I'm-"
"I know," Louis said mimicking me. We all laughed and then Louis offered us a seat. We sat down and then the intercom said," Flight 18B to Ireland now boarding."
We all hopped off the couch and went to the plane. Our luggage was already on a plane somewhere I think. All six of us sat in one row;Liam, Louis, Harry, me, Ashlyn, and Zayn. We had two hours until we got there and I pulled out my phone to text Niall.
Me: we're all on the plane to Ireland 2 more hours!
Niall : can't wait love, I wish you had wings or a super cape so u can fly
Me: lol me too that would be amaZAYN I'm sorry I had too
Niall: ur amaZAYN lol I told Zayn ur talking about him
I looked over to see Zayn staring at me and then I smiled and he smiled back.
Me: I'll c u when we get there
Niall : bye love
I cannot believe I'm going to Ireland let alone with one direction AHHH!!
We got to Ireland. When we got off the plane me, Ashlyn, and the boys all walked together. I can't believe this is actually happening. We got into the airport and bodyguards surrounded us. There was like 7 and then we got walked out to a limo and we all got in. Me and Ashlyn last. When I got in the limo I sat down and realized I was by Niall.
"Hello love," he said and then he kissed me on the cheek. It was awesome!
"Hey," I said and then he started talking to the boys.
* * *
When we got to Niall's flat we all carried our stuff up the stairs but I was having a tid but of trouble so Niall helped me. We walked in and it was awesome. It had three bedrooms and two toilets.
"So everyone since there's seven of us were going to have to share rooms,"Niall says.
"Ok I call sharing one with Harold!" Louis shouted grabbing Harry's arm and then they had a Larry moment. They looked into each others eyes. Wow I'm a huge massive fan if I almost gang irked about that.
"Ok, I get Ashlyn?"Zayn says smiling at her.
"But I wanted Ashlyn,"Liam says sadly.
"Ok I guess we can share. That is if she wants to stay with us," Zayn said embarrassed for picking her and not even asking. LLN!
"Sure! So Ashley and Niall share a room then! That works out perfectly because they'll just use Niall's room and-"
Ashlyn got interrupted by Niall.
"My room only had one bed," he said blushing. How cute!
"That's ok you guys and sleep together, it'll happen eventually," Louis said making me and Niall both red in the face.
"Shut up," Niall mumbled.
"It's ok we'll work it out or something," I say to Niall who looks like he's about to explode. I started to giggle at his redness. He notice and evil eyed me. I tried I stop but I just couldn't. Then, suddenly Niall tackled me to the couch and tickled me.
"St-op ni-a-ll it hu-r-ts," I beg.
"That's what you get for laughing at me love," he said getting off of me.
He got off of me and we realized it was 9:30 and we all had jet lag��so we decided to go to bed. Niall's room was awesome. He had a bathroom in his room and I needed a shower.
"Hey Niall can I take a shower?" I ask him after he put my suitcase on his bed.
"Sure love," he said flashing me his amazing smile. I opened my suitcase on the floor and started looking for pajamas. I found some PJ's and went into the bathroom. I put my clothes on the toilet seat and turned on the water. I stripped and got into the shower. The water was warm and relaxing. OMG!! I'm taking a shower in Niall Horans shower and he actually knows my name!!! I met him and he invited me to us flat and... I was thinking about this when i realized I don't have my shower bag!!
"Hey Niall,"I hollered poking my head out,"can you bring me my shower bag? It's orange with white polka dots!" I hear shuffling and then the door slowly opens.
"Uhh erm..." Niall mumbles covering his eyes with his hand.
"Just uhm hand it to me. I have the shower curtain on," I say. I stick my hand out and he hands me my bag.
"Thanks Niall ," I say.
"Anytime," he said shutting the door. I grabbed my bag and did my showery business. After I take a shower I put on my short,fluffy, zebra print shorts on and a plain white T-shirt. I put on my orange socks and walk out of the shower room.
"Hello love, ready for bed?" Niall asked. He was siting on the bed eating cereal. I giggled.
"Yep," I say. We both just stand there for a minute and Niall says,
"I'll sleep on the floor," I laughed out loud.
"It's your birthday soon and your room ill sleep on the floor," I say.
"No it's fine uhhh if you don't mind we can sleep on the bed both of us," Niall said nervously.
"Ok, Niall why are you so shy? Do you think I'm going to be rude or laugh at you? Your perfect and I'm not just saying that because your famous," I say that and then he mumbles about me wanting him because he's famous.
"Here," I say and I out my pinky out," I pinky promise I don't like you just because your famous." He looked at my finger for a little while and the silence was bugging him. I could tell. Finally,after what seemed like ever, Niall put out his pinky and slowly wrapped it around mine.
"I, Ashley, promise to never use you either it's because your famous and rich or because your good in bed! Just kidding by the way," and with that we laid down and went to bed
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