This little life of mine

When 16 year old, Lacy, and her best friend Ashlyn go to a 1D concert they discover something amazing. Lacy and one of the band members become best friends and he falls in love! But so does someone else in the band. Will Niall get the girl or does the other boy win?


1. Heartbreak/attack

We were waiting in line for two days and two nights. It was the hottest day ever but I didn't notice. I was to excited!
I ran home and dashed straight for my room. I didn't feel like doing anything, except crawl in a hole and stay there. *Knock Knock*.
" Go away!" I hollered holding back the tears.
"I will, once you tell me what's going on," of course it's my nosy, annoying, caring MOM !
"No-nothing's wr-wro-wrong!" I tried to say it without crying but it broke through and I was bawling like a baby whose toy got stolen. Suddenly, my mom barged in and demanded I tell her whats wrong because she "hated to see me cry". I said I was fine, but then I broke down.
"David broke up with me and it was horrible!" By now my mascara was running everywhere. "He said I was too in love with One Direction," I sputtered,"he totally embarrassed me in front of all our friends!"
"Well, do you need a Horan Hug?" She said smiling faintly.
"Haha not funny!" I said cracking a smile.
"I wasn't trying to be," she said pulling out three One Direction tickets! I screamed and gave her the biggest hug ever given.
"WOW! I'm so excited! Do you think there here already? Do you think-" my best friend Ashlyn stopped mid-sentence and was gawking in one direction(PUN INTENDED).
"O.M.G. I think that answered your question!" My mother said very dorkily. Where we were staring there was a perfect stretched limo with the boys inside! All the fans stared with whispers all around until finally the door opens...
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