Paynefull for the Irish.

"NO!" I screamed at Greg. Then I ran away for a new life


3. You what??

Harry's p.o.v

K. So that was awkward. I was just going to tell Darcy to bring her bags down and she's snogging Niall. Wonder if that was a one off. Or like ongoing.cant wait to tell Liam. I run down the stairs and to the van. "Liam I need to talk to you" I say. "Coming!" He says, jogging over. " what's up?" He says. "Niall and Darcy were making out" "WHAT?" Liam says running up the stairs.

Liam's p. o. V.

I can't believe that Niall's kissing Darcy. This is not on. Once I get to Darcy's room, Niall and Darcy are lying on her bed snogging. "NIALL HORAN!!" I yell. Once they see me they jump back away from each other. "WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SISTER?" I ask. "Liam, I've been with her since a month before she moved in with you. I saved her" Niall's says wrapping his arms around Darcy. What? He knows Darcy's adopted. That's, um, wow.

A/n sorry for the really short chapter.
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