Paynefull for the Irish.

"NO!" I screamed at Greg. Then I ran away for a new life


6. Want a tour?


Holy shit that was a weird dream. What if it comes true? Dacre looked pretty hot even though she was older. And Ollie was so cute, he looked like a boy version of Darcy. Kiki sounded nice too. Anyway why am I even thinking? I'm only nineteen.I'm not having kids for a while yet. "Babe? We're here" says Darcy, kissing my cheek. "Cool. Want a tour?" I say, getting out and offering her my hand. "Nah.... Zayn offered me one, maybe you could give Eleanor one?" She says grinning and grabbing her bags out. And my bags. "The cheek!Thanks. Ill take 'em" I say. She offers me my bags, but I take them all. We slowly walk up to the house. And I can't help thinking about how hungry I am.


We walk into our room. It's huge! I'm pretty sure every time I stay with the boys, the rooms get bigger. There's an ensuite bathroom too. "K. We'll unpack then go downstairs and figure out what to have for lunch."i. say. So in ten minutes, Niall's unpacked. "Ready to go?" He asks. I shake my head. "I'm halfway through my first suitcase out of three, then I've got my makeup bag and toiletries." I say. "Holy shit how much did you pack?" He asks then, "I'll unpack you're bathroom stuff" "thanks." Ten minutes later, we're headed back downstairs for lunch. "Darcyyyyyy!" Squeals Eleanor, hugging me. "I Haven't see you since the up all night tour!" I say- on the part of the up all night tour I went with the boys and Eleanor came too. She's been my best friend since."Perrie!" Say, hugging her. "The three amigos are together again" says perrie. cuz on the UAN tour we joked that we were the three amigos. Not ones to be left out, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam run over and scream "GROUP HUG!" So we all hug and it feels great. "So what's for lunch?" Asks Niall. "Us girls- me, Perrie,Eleanor, Harry and Liam- will make lunch. " I say. "We're not girls!" Says Harry indignantly. "We know. We've all seen you naked. But we'll help" says Liam. So Zayn, Louis and Niall leave, with Niall patting my bum as he does. "So, seeing as it was you're idea. What are we cooking?" Asks Harry. "How well do you know her?" Liam asks Harry, raising and eyebrow. "C'mon. We all know that Darcy's idea of cooking is ordering nandos" says Eleanor. I smile at how well they know me. "Harry can you order?" Asks Perrie. "K" he says. The rest of us go into the lounge room. Niall sees me and pats the spot next to him. So I walk over and sit on Louis' lap. Catching my drift, El sits on Liam's lap. "I don't wanna tease you Hun" says Perrie, pashing Zayn. Harry walks in and sees me on Louis "LOUIS IS MINE!" He yells, Picking me up and throwing me on Niall. "Louis is mine!" Says Eleanor jumping up. "Don't throw my girl!"yells Niall. Pretty soon everyone -except Perrie and Zayn, who had gone somewhere - was play fighting. Niall came up behind me and whispered "c'mon we're going " he grabs my hand and we walk up to our room. I lie on our bed, staring at the ceiling."hey babe" says Niall, his face directly above mine. I gently grab the back of his neck and pull his lips onto mine, running my fingers through his hair. He pulls away and says "we're going on a date"


"Should I get changed?" Asks Darcy. She's wearing a one shoulder tee that's white and says LOVE and theses pale yellow denim shorts with her hair in a messy bun. I think she looks cute. "You look beautiful" I say. "Thanks." She says digging through her side of the cupboard. I throw her over my shoulder and walk out to the car. Darcy spent the whole time yelling things like Ahh! Put Me down! I need my bag! While trying not to laugh. I put her down. Then hop into the Taxi that's waiting for us.
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