Paynefull for the Irish.

"NO!" I screamed at Greg. Then I ran away for a new life


5. The dream



"Babe? wake up" says Darcy, kissing my cheek. "Why? It's early." "It's Kiki's first day of high school"
"MUM! DAD!" Yells a girl, who I suppose is Kiki.
"Mummy, Daddy"yells a little boy coming into our room. "Ollie why aren't you eating breakfast? I told Kiki to get you some"says Darcy "she did she got cornflakes but didn't warm the milk up, and I accidentally threw it on the floor then she called me names." Says Ollie. Darcy looks at me "this is why I need you up. A teenage girl and a 4 year old boy don't get along at the best of times."

Does any1 think that later, or in
another book this shld come true? Comment if you do.
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