Paynefull for the Irish.

"NO!" I screamed at Greg. Then I ran away for a new life


2. Soo... That's awkward

Darcy's P.o.v

"Darce?" Says Liam coming into my room. "I missed you." He says, hugging me. "So how's Dannielle?" "Um we er broke up" "why didn't you tell me?" "Are you packed? After breakfast were leaving" "what's for brekkie?" "Stop asking me bloody questions and go down stairs" "k. Calm down."I say walking down stairs. "DARCYYY!" Yells Louis picking me up and spinning me round. "Hey Lou" I say. One by one, the rest of the boys give me a hug. The I go to get breakfast. Threes nothing left. "Niall why'd you leave me no food?" I ask. "Oh sorry love have some of mine" Niall says, passing me his plate. As I eat my food the boys are stunned into slience. Until Louis says "oh my god. . Niall. Horan. Just. Shared food." I get up to go have a shower. "Where you going?" Asks Harry. " shower." I say, walking off. "Just let me use the loo first" says Niall, following me.

Niall's p.o.v
When we're in Darcy's bedroom. I ask her;"has he found you?" Because last time I went away Greg found Darce and she was covered in Cuts and bruises. She didn't even tell me till I accidentally touched one of her bruises. I felt awful, so now I always check. " no. But come ere" she says, running her fingers though my hair and kissing me. When sunddenly, Harry walks in on us. " well, that's awkward" he says, leaving

Sorry the chapters are so short. Could people please comment ideas or what they think of the book? Thanks.��❤
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