Paynefull for the Irish.

"NO!" I screamed at Greg. Then I ran away for a new life


4. I've found my princess


"How come you've been together all this time and never told me?" Asks Liam, sounding a little hurt, which makes me feel bad. "Liam, I didn't tell you that I knew Niall when you were put together cuz, um.., I didn't think you'd last long in a band" I say,my face going red. I look across at Niall, who's trying not to laugh. I catch his eye and we both laugh our guts out. " it's not funny" says Liam. "Yeah, sorry mate. So are you OK with me and Darcy?"asks Niall, squeezing my hand and playing with my hair. "Not re- ( I glare at him) "yeah. You going official?" Asks Liam.


I pull out my phone out and take a photo of me kissing Darcy. The tweet it with the caption 'I've found my princess @darcy_payne' I show Liam and Darcy. "Aw, babe" says Darcy kissing me and I smile, because I really have found my princess. "Ugh. Gross. Anyway can we please just leave?" Says Liam. We get up, and Darcy grabs her suitcase, I put my hand over hers and grab it from her Then we're on our way.


"When are Eleanor and Perrie getting here?" I ask, waking up with Niall's arms around me. "When are you and Niall going to admit you're in love?" Retorts Louis. "Check twitter" I say, sticking my tongue out at him. "Don't. It's disgusting" says Liam. Louis pulls over and checks his phone "Niall you cheeky bastard! you work fast." Says Louis, passing his phone to Harry. Harry passes it to Zayn. "They should be there when we get there" says Louis satisfied with my answer. "Did you know we get to share a room?" Niall whispers into my ear. "No. Darcy's sharing with me" says Liam. "Dude I'm your sister. We are not sharing." I say. "I'm you're guardian and I say you're not sharing" says Liam,sticking his tongue out, Which ruins the whole 'I'm you're guardian' thing. I pull out my phone and text Karen, (who was the only one who knew I'd met Niall before.)

Txt: L wnt let me share a room with N - can you make him?luv Darce xxx

Seconds later, we hear Liam's phone ring. He puts it on loud speaker.
Liam:hi mum
Karen: Niall and Darcy will be sharing a room
Liam: what? How'd you know?
Karen I've always know. Remember I picked Darcy up from his house when we adop-" Liam hangs up. "What was that?" Asks Louis "um..."
Liam and I say at the same time "mums just tired, she doesn't know what she's talking about" I say. "Oh. Ok. " says Louis, sounding like he doesn't believe me. I look at Niall and he smiles. Which makes me smile. I can't believe that someone so beautiful is mine. I'm pretty sure we'll never fight. "What are you smiling like loonies about?" Zayn laughs. He's sitting next to us, then I'd the front seat there's Liam, Louis and harry.
we say at the same time. "Seriously. One more mushy comment and you're walking" Says Liam. "I'm driving and I say it's cute"says Louis. Harry,Zayn, Louis and Liam start talking about soccer. That's when Me and Niall fall asleep in each others arms.

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