Paynefull for the Irish.

"NO!" I screamed at Greg. Then I ran away for a new life


1. No!

--INTRO-- Darcy's p.o.v
"NO!" I scream. "Please don't! I'm sorry! I'll fi-" I'm punched in the stomach. Hard. I fly across the room, landing on something sharp, which cuts my leg. "KARMA! YOU F*CK*NG B**CH" yells Greg, who has been my foster parent since I was three. I'm sick of this, so I've decided to run away. I figure That since I'm thirteen I might be able to get a job. "Can I go to bed?" I ask Greg in my sweetest voice. "Hopefully you die in your sleep" he says. I walk into my room, grab my bag and jump out the window. Once I've landed, I sprint as far as I can. Im crying because of my injures. I can't actually see where I'm going when I suddenly run into into someone. He's a bit taller than me,but not much he's got blond hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes. "You right,love?" "Um...yeah. Hi, I'm Darcy. Who are you?" I ask, trying to change the subject. "You're bleeding and you're covered in bruises, which makes you not ok." "You didn't answer my question" " I'm Niall Horan and you're coming with me" I look at him nervously, because I don't really trust people-especially guys. I look into his eyes. He looks worried, not angry. so I walk next to him.
Niall's P.o.v
Who was this girl? Why was she hurt? I thought to myself. I studied her face, looking for clues. I noticed she was limping,so without really thinking i picked her up, bridal style. Bad idea. "AAAHHH! Put me down!" She screams. So I put her down. "What was that?" She asks, looking terrified. "You were limping so I thought I'd carry you. do you want me to now?" She nods so I pick her up. Why was she so scared? I wonder to myself. "How old are you?" she asks. "Uh, fifteen, just recently. you ?" I say "thirteen as of the 13th of September" "that's my birthday" "so we're exactly 2 years apart? Wow." I say. "So what did you do to yourself?" "I'm a orphan. It was my, like the guy that adopted me" she says. "He did this to you?" I ask "yeah"she says.

Darcy's p.o.v

Well, Niall took me home, his mum cleaned me up,then while I stayed there for a month, Niall and I fell In love, when I had to go back to a new family-the paynes- Niall and I kept in touch. When Liam met him other boys that I was his sister, Niall knew I wasn't, but kept it to himself. We we still together, but secretly, cuz Liam's waaaaay over protective. Louis Zayn and Harry don't that I'm adopted and They never will.

Chapter 1
Darcy's p.o.v

"DARCY! Get your lazy a$$ out of bed cuz your all time besties are back!" Yells Louis."and your favourite brother!"yells Liam. I look at my clock. Its 7am. ugh. Waaaay too early to get up. So I put my pillow over my head and try to go back to sleep. No chance with the guys back. In 10 seconds Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam are jumping on my bed yelling. Niall's standing in the door way laughing. God! I missed Niall, (and the others of course.) once Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry are off my bed, they leave the room. "I missed you babe" says Niall wrapping me in a bear hug. "Missed you more" I say, kissing him. Niall pulls away, getting up. " don't want anyone getting suspicious" he says. During the whole time 1d. Have been together, we've kept us secret but now that I'm going to this holiday house with them(Eleanor, Perrie and Dannielle are coming too) it's going to be harder.
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