Forever May Not be Enough. (One Direction Fanfiction)

18 year old girl Jerahmy Edwards life soon turns around after recently meeting the One Direction lads, and falling inlove.. but how do they meet and who did she fall inlove with? keep reading if you wanna know...


3. Without a doubt...

Jerahmy POV*

Ive been working for the boy's for a couple of months now and theyve really been on their best behaviour, its amazing how far a few months can get you, I just finished laying out the boys outfits for their bring me to 1D event happening in the afternoon.

"Jerahmy, can you pretty please fix my hair?" Liam asked politely

"what hair?" I asked with a playful smirk on my face

"oh shush!" Liam smiled

"but if you really want me to, i will, even thought there is nothing to fix" I said walking up to him feeling the softness of his buzz cut hair on my palms, "your hair is really smooth" I couldnt help but whisper

"why thank you" he said playfully slapping my thigh

Nialls POV*

we were just getting ready for the Bring Me to 1D and Jerahmy laid out our outfits for the day, i was getting my make hair done by lou when i spotted Jerahmy beside Liam fixing up his hair, i couldnt help but feel jealous, seeing the way Jerahmy touches liams hair and the fact that Liam just slapped her thigh! i wish that was me...

Liams POV*

Jerahmy's hands softly massaging my head while i just sat there smiling at her reflection on the mirror infront of me, the way she teases me because of my hair and the way that she smiled whenever she touches it, it just feels right you know, I just feel so much better when I know that shes next to me, I'm happy that she applied, the way her hair bounced when she walks, the way her eyes twinkle in the sun, im fallingg for her, hard, and if she falls too, ill be there to catch her...

I grabbed my phone and took a picture of her reflection as she smiled

Jerahmys POV*

"done!" i said finishing off liams hair with one last spray of hairspray

"thanks Jerahmy" he smiled, as I smiled at him in the mirror.

it was about 12:30 and the Bring me to 1D event was at 2:10 pm,

The boys were basically just lounging around, on their phones on twitter probably....

Louis was texting Eleanor, Harry was just tweeting about how excited he is to meet the winners, Zayn was probably tweeting quotes again, Liam was smiling at his phone... aww that cutie, Niall was just watching TV...

"Hey Jerahmy, wanna come with me for a walk outside?" niall suddenly asked getting up from the sofa and turning the TV off.

"sure thing" I smiled at him and he smiled bacck

I could feel someones eyes on us as we walked out and I turned around to see Liams eyes glued on me while we walk out of the door, I smiled at him and he smirked.

Niall's been really nice lately, he hasnt refused to wear anything ive laid out for him so far, which is good, and apparently Harry said that Im the only one that lasted this long being their stylist. The boys also gave me some advise on Niall and his 'fashion', apparently he didnt like the grey shirt, but just the other day I laid that out for him and he wore it with a smile on his face...

"where do you wanna go?" he said in his famous Irish accent

"can we sit on the grass?" i smiled and he nodded

we found a nice green patch of grass and sat down admiring the view of the flowers that creeped up on the hill.

"tell me about yourself" niall finally said breaking me out of my trance

"well, initially, i was going for singing career, but i decided to put that on hold for now and do some styling for abit, you know" i said pulling out some grass and sprinkiling it in the air letting the wind blow it in different directions..

"you can sing?" was all he asked.

"id like to think so, but i havent sung infront of anyone before" i said looking down

"sing for me" niall insisted

" abit nervous you know" I said

"I knew you were into singing, from time to time i could hear you humming to our songs and singing while you get our outfits out from the wardrobe!" he exclaimed

"ohh shhhhh!" I said playfully slapping his arm

"so come on, sing for me" he said sitting on his knees

"what do you want me to sing?" I asked with a teasing smile

"what about little things" he suggested

"alright" i said as i closed my eyes imagining the music is playing in the background " your hand fits in mine like its made just for me, but bear this in mind it was meant to be, and im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me" I sang gently touching nialls cheek (i know you guys sung it too)

"your voice... its so.... mezmerising, so beautiful! sing my part!" he exclaimed

"You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, youll never treat yourself right darling but i want you to, if i let you kno-o-ow im here, for you, maybe you'll love yourself like I love you ohh" I sang with a smile..

Niall just stared at me, with his big grinning smile showing off his braces, i love it when boys with braces smile, its just adorable... "dont tell anyone this alright? its our little secret" i whispered into his ear

"our little secret" he repeated

*Authors note*

i was initially gonna write one last night, but i didnt really get to it, so heres one, i know its short but I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

comment, like, follow me ..


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