Forever May Not be Enough. (One Direction Fanfiction)

18 year old girl Jerahmy Edwards life soon turns around after recently meeting the One Direction lads, and falling inlove.. but how do they meet and who did she fall inlove with? keep reading if you wanna know...


2. Trust me...

Niall's POV*

"Jessica! how many times do I have to tell you that I dont like grey shirts?!" I yelled at our stylist

"Niall, I'm your stylist you have to wear I've laid out for you!" she whined

"dont use that tone of voice on me! i'm your boss, i pay you!" I said

"so what!!" she screamed

"you're fired!" i yelled at her, she put up the rude finger up at me and ran out the door.

"Niall! thats the third one this week!" Liam said

"I liked her!" harry frowned

"They just dont get me, every single one of them! they just dont listen to me do they!" i argued

"Niall, you need to stop, we cant just keep firing every single day, you have to stick to one!" Louis said

"Im a very hard man to please" i said picking out my own clothes from the wardrobe

Jerahmys POV*

I really need to find a job, but i dont know where to begin!

I decided to go with my guts and went for the fashion industry, I typed up on google and searched for my first job, when I stumbled onto one.... It said that they needed a stylist for five boys and one is needed immidiately.. I called the number on the screen

"hello?" the voice answered

"hi, my name is Jerahmy Edwards and I would like to apply as a stylist for these five boys" I said confidently

"oh hello, yes and do you know who they are?" the voice asked

"who? the five boys? no I dont... but I'm very sure that they'll love me" i smile through the phone

"ALRIGHT! come at London hotel tomorrow morning and we'll test you out!" he said

"right! what room?" I asked

"2149 roof top" he said and with that he hung up and I just got ready for tomorrow..

*the next day*

My alarm went off at about 7:30 and I got up at about 10 minutes after, I hopped in the shower letting the water massage my body for the moment before i washed my hair and soaped up my body..

I got out of the shower drying my hair letting the waves form, yes I am a wavy haired girl.. I looked at myself in the mirror and i smiled at what I was looking at in the mirror, I decided to do my makeup and went for the natural look, marcara and lipgloss, a bit of blush to make my cheeks stand out.

I led myself to my en suit and picked out some denim skinny jeans and a maroon shirt topped with a tan coat a black scarf and gray beannie.

I headed out, out of my flat and walked to my car to drive to London hotel... luckily there wasnt any traffic, so i got there as quick as possible..


I arrived at the Hotel and about 8 o'clock and headed onto the elevator and pressed rooftop... a few seconds later the elevator dinged and i got out to look for room 2149 and knocked at the door.

A tall tubby man answered the door.

"hi you must be Jerahmy Edwards" he said with a smile leading me into the room

"yeah, nice to meet you..." I said gesturing for his name

"Paul, I'm the manager of the boy youre about to meet" he smiled

"great! cant wait" i said eagerly

"NIALL! ZAYN! LOUIS! LIAM! HARRY!!" he yelled before I heard "yes paul" said in unison from the other room

"your new stylist is here" he screamed and I heard footsteps and they opened the door.

Nialls POV*

There was a knock at the door while we were playing fifa in the lounge room, Paul answered it, I heard abit of mumbling and then he yelled our names

"NIALL! ZAYN! LOUIS! LIAM! HARRY!!" he yelled from the entrance

"yes paul" we said in unison

"your new stylist is here!" he screamed

"she better me worth it" I mumbled

"Niall!" Liam said

"what?" i asked

we walked into the room to meet our new so called 'stylist' and saw a girl standing next to pau;

her brown hair wavy, her brown eyes sparkling from the reflection of the sun from the window, her body curved, you couldnt see it but you can guess from her neck.

she took her coat off revealing what she was wearing, a tight maroon top and skinny jeans, i told you she was curved. I looked at Harry and he gave me that aapproving look.

she took off her beannie lightly teasing her hair up before she looked at us again.

Jerahmy's POV*

"Goodmorning" I said happily

"morning" they sang in unison

I walked up to one of them, the one with the buzz cut, "Hi, I'm Jerahmy" i said extending my hand for him to shake, he took it and then pulled me in for a hug and kiss on the cheek "Hi, I'm Liam" he said

Then it was the one with the quiff and the hazel smoldering eyes "Jerahmy" I smiled and he puled me into and hug and said "Im Zayn"

then it was the one with the brown hair "hey, Im Louis" he said hugging me and kissing me on the cheek

then a curly haired boy with quite a cute smile on his face as i approached him "hi! im-" I said before gettin interrupted "Jerahmy, I know, I heard it three times, I'm harry, but you can call me tonight" he said and he made me giggled just a bit and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug

lastly a blonde boy, with a slight quiff and brown roots, "Hey babe, I'm niall" he said in his strong Irish accent "Hi, im Jerahmy" I said leaning in for a kiss on the cheek and giving him a hug, he smelt of those smells that make you wanna run after him because he jut smells so good.

"well you guy are very welcoming!" I beamed at them

"we sure are" Louis said

"so why dont we start? what do you guys have on tonight?" i asked

"uhmm, we have an interview on the Late Late show" Liam said

"okay! why dont we pick out your clothes" I said to them and led them to the lounge where everything was,

Harry's POV

I looked at niall with the 'what do you think' look and he just smiled.

"alright" Jerahmy said "whos first?" and I raised my hand

"harry right? uhmm lets see" she said going through the clothes picking out a white shirt, blue jacket and blue pants with my white converses.

"what do you think?" she asked, "I like it" I said smiling at her and she smiled back

"okaay! liam?" she said and he stood up, she started going through the clothes again before she picked out a maroon polo top and dark brown pants and white converses, Liam seems to love what she picked

It was Louis up next and Jerahmy started to go through the clothes again as we watched her from the couch me and liam clutching onto the clothes we were just given.

she pulled out a white polo top, black suit pants and suspenders with white toms.. Louis jumped up and gave her a hug, he obviously liked it..

Zayn was pretty easy for her she just picked out a black long sleeved top with a white collar and black suit pants and his favourite shoes, he loved them...

"I hope Niall likes this one" Liam whispered to me.. Jerahmy started going through the clothes again and she was going to go for the grey top but then shooke her head, she picked out a maroon top like hers but not tight and a white jacket with tan chinos and his grey favourite supras, Niall stood up with a smile on his face and turn to us and mouthed 'shes a keeper'

*Authors note*

what do you guys think so far? sorry if its boring, but its and long chapter :) i hope you guys like it!

pleassse like, comment or favourite :)





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