Forever May Not be Enough. (One Direction Fanfiction)

18 year old girl Jerahmy Edwards life soon turns around after recently meeting the One Direction lads, and falling inlove.. but how do they meet and who did she fall inlove with? keep reading if you wanna know...


4. hey there...

(A/N) i know i know... i havent updated IN AGES and im really sorry.... but im going make this one short, because i have school tomorrow.... but i will also update tomorrow  ... but im going to have to skip.. quite ALOT... enjoy..



Jerahmy's POV

Ive been working for the boys for 1 year now... theyve just started their TMH tour and were getting quite hyper backstage before the first concert started...

"Jerahmy, can you please help me get dressed?" Niall asked with a smirk on his face

"I think youre sapable of doing that yourself" i smiled

"yeah Niall, you can do that yourself" said liam abit irretated, he's been acting quite wierdly for the past year now...

"Babe, are you alright?" i asked liam abit worried.

"huh? yeah! of course! why would i" he looked up at me with his light brown eyes,

"get ready hun, youre in soon" i smiled at him. he got up and went to the wardrobe to try on the outfit i layed out for him for the first part of the concert. a few minutes later he came out and looked at the mirror, satisfied with what he was wearing, he smiled at me through the mirror and I couldnt help but blush.

a few minute later the boys went on stage and I was alone in the dressing room...

I was just sat on the sofa when my phone vibrated... I looked at who it was from... an unknown number... it said

im watching you.

i winced at what the screen said, leaving mountains of goosebumps on my arm... who could it be from? why are they doing this to me? what do they want?

It got to me, i didnt want to be alone tonight, i didnt want to go home, i didnt want to...

the boys came back to the dressing room to get changed into their next outfits for the next part of the concert, they all looked so happy being back on tour, Niall especially, he looked absolutely pumped!

After the Concert..

"that was mental!" Niall exclaimed as they walked through the dressing room door

"incredible!" Liam added eyeing me out

"amazing!" Zayn said

"complete and utterly surreal" Louis said

"great show!" Harry smiled

"seriously Harry? thats all you could come up with? great show?" I teased

"hey, they took all the good ones, dont blame me" he said in his raspy deep voice

"whatever styles, get changed, we dont want to get them dirty" I said ushering him to the change room

They all changed into their everyday clothes,

Liam in his grey sweatpants and white top

Louis in his grey sweatpants and white top

Zayn in his black sweatpants and grey top

Nial in his grey sweatpants and white top

and Harry in his black tight skinny jeans and plain white top. typical harry.

I walked up to Liam to ask him if i could stay with him, because of you knoww.

"hey liam" i tapped his shoulder

"hey! whats up?" he said as a smile danced on his face.

"yeah umm, is it alright if i can staay at yours tonight?" I asked with an awkward smile..

"you...yo-umm, you want to stay at my house?" he repeated

"yeah, but you donnt have to i can ask one of the b-" "no no, you can stay with me" he interrupted and a smile creeped on my face.

I walked with Liam to his car and as we drove my phone vibrated again... I looked... from Niall..

why'd you go with Liam? x

I simply replied back

um, because im scared... :)

after that he didnt reply... we drove up his drive way and got out to see a massive flat, double story and everything..

"where do you wanna sleep?" he asked me opening up the front door.

"do you have a spare?" I asked

"yea ummm, no i dont..." he hesitated "you can sleep in my bed and ill sleep on the floor?" he suggested.

"how about, ill sleep on the floor" I said

we went up the stairs and entered Liams room, surprisingly it was pretty tidy, book shelf in one corner, reading table on the other... pretty much a dream room... whatever you call it

"do you want clothes?" he asked looking down at what im wearing, skinny jeans and a perplum top. i nodded with a smile.

he passed me an oversized shirt and a pair of boxers... he went to the bathroom so i could change.... i quickly peeled off my clothes and pulled the tee over my head and put on the boxers.

Liam got back in, just in time i finished getting changed... my phone vibrated... unknown..

i think you should closed the window before you strip, thanks for the show x

i stared at my phone then walked to the window, to see a car parked on the other side of the street, and a tall dark figure standing in front of the car, he then got in and drove off... I felt shivers down my spine

"whats wrong?" liam grabbed my shoulder and I jumped

"oh!. uhmm nothing" i shook my head

"alright, lets get to bed then ! day off tomorrow right?" he asked..

i nodded and placed myself on the duvets llayed on the floor.. "what are you doing?" Liam asked picking me up bridal style and plopping me onhis bed.

"going to sleep!" I wined

"i sleep on the floor, you sleep there" he pointed

"I feel ba-" "dont be, its okay" he interupted

"well, at least sleep here with me" I said patting the extra space on the bed, he just stared at me and got on the bed, turning the light off in the process.

"goodnight liam" i smiled

"goodnight Jerahmy" he kissed my forehead.






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