Forever May Not be Enough. (One Direction Fanfiction)

18 year old girl Jerahmy Edwards life soon turns around after recently meeting the One Direction lads, and falling inlove.. but how do they meet and who did she fall inlove with? keep reading if you wanna know...


1. You cant do this..

Jerahmy's POV*

I did it again, I picked up the sharp object pressing it on the skin of my wrist then slowly dragging it to the other side from where it was before. Blood dripped down my arm, the stinging sensation went through my body, the pain on my wrist washing everything else in my mind away, i know it's not good but I needed it, i needed to feel the pain again, I needed to forget the world for just that moment to feel the pain that cutting gave me, it felt so good.

"Jerahmy! Dinners ready!" I heard mum coming up the stairs

I quickly hid the blade, covered up my cut and layed on my bed like nothing happened. the door opened

"honey, come on, dinners ready" she popped her head through the gap

"I'll be there in a sec" I said putting on a fake smile

the door closed and pressed on the part of my wrist where I cut, just to feel the pain again before I went downstairs to face my parents, I needed to tell them what I'm planning, I needed to get out of here, I need to live my own life, I'm 18 for fucks sake.


I sat down on the table careful not to show my wrist or draw any attention to it, I ate the food mum prepared.

I was an only child and I know that it'll be hard for my parents to accept the fact that I'm going to leave them and start a fresh page in my life, my parents loved me, i loved them, but nothings gonna happen to me if I just sit at home all day doing nothing, I need to live my own life and find a job where Im good at.

"mum, dad, I have to tell you guys something" I said looking down

"what is it sweetheart?" dad said

"Im leaving, I need to start a new life, i need a job and ... and I wanna do what I wanna do" I said confidently

They were speechless, just the fact that i just said all of that and I know that they respect my decisions, dont get me wrong, I love my parents but sometimes I just need my own space...

"Were happy for you darl, we know what you wanna do and we know that you'll be successful" They smiled

"thank you, I love you guys" i said getting up and giving them both tight hugs.

*Authors Note*

hey guys! what do you think so far?

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