Haunted House

Chelsea, Charli, Lila, Daniela, Sara, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn were really good friends one Valentines day they all decided to spend the night in a old house. The house looks fine from the outside although it is haunted. Nobody knew though. Will they make it out or will it end in blood and tears.


4. The First

Charli's POV

Lila screamed really loudly.

"I'm not staying in here any longer! This is too creepy! I'm leaving now!"

Nobody tried to stop her. We were all too shocked from what had happened. Tears streaked involuntarily down my face. 'Why? Why did this creep decide to kill us? what did we do wrong?' the thought sreaked across my mind. We all heard Lila shriek that the door was locked. Then it sunk in we were all going to die. Chelsea started sobbing as Louis dropped his camera to hold her to his chest. I grabbed the camera and turned it around to face me.

"What are you doing Charli?" Liam asked me.

"My name is Charli, and you saw what just happened, someone just tried to kill Liam. The only reason I'm going to keep on this camera and not try to forget is that if anyone gets out of here alive, we can use this as physical evidence to prove this-" I got cut off by a bloodcurling scream from the hallway paired with a spinechilling laugh. Daniella ran out

"LILA!!!" She screamed "LILA!!!! WAKE UP YOU CAN"T BE DEAD!!"

We all ran out to the hallway and I took the camera with me. (I'm sorry for sounding so insenitive) I grabbed it and started filming her last words, "Guys, please forgive me for running out on you, I'm so, so sorry for.." Her eyelids fluttered shut and her face fell into a relaxed state. so different from the one she had before. The last tear fell down her face as she left us. Daniella fell in to a mess on the floor, sobbing and belching down the wooden stairs that led to the basement. I looked at the knife wedged in Lila's chest. We never thought Lila would leave us like that. I held the camera in my hand firmly but tears spilled down my face as I remembered all the times me and Lila had together

*FLASH* Me and Lila on the swings

*FLASH* Playing in the pool on a hot day

*FLASH* Her almost falling out of a tree before I caught her hands

*FLASH* the first day of highschool when she stood up for me


I sobbed heavily. the camera still in my hands, I'm sorry Lila, I'm so sorry for not being able to protect you.



Hi guys, thought it was time for something to happen, just in case you didn't know, my friend and I share this account and we do the books together, If you read this please comment on how you feel about it, as it would make writing this so much easier for me and chelsea, love you all, XOX Charli

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