Haunted House

Chelsea, Charli, Lila, Daniela, Sara, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn were really good friends one Valentines day they all decided to spend the night in a old house. The house looks fine from the outside although it is haunted. Nobody knew though. Will they make it out or will it end in blood and tears.


12. Prisoners

Chelsea's POV

I could hear footsteps coming our way.

"Boys get up" I said urging them to get up.  They didn't move.  I shook Louis and he woke up.

"What is it babe"

"We need to leave now" Louis heard the footsteps and woke Liam up while I woke Harry up.  We moved out of the room.  We came into another room and there was spider webs and that everywhere.  We started to walk around the room, I was gripping onto Louis's hand tightly.  As we were walking a body drooped from the ceiling it was Niall he had half of his teeth knocked out and I long scar across his head.  I went to scream but Louis quickly put his hand over my mouth.  Saw the bracelet that Niall got me for my birthday.  I took it off and wrapped it around his wrist a lightly kissed his forehead.  Me and Niall were always close.  We carried on walking and we came into another room.  We heard the door we came through slam shut and we tried getting out but it was locked.  Then through the door on the other side of the room the clown guy was there.  What the hell did we do why does he want to kill us.  We all backed into the corner but the guy didn't kill us but he did knock us out.  When I regained consciousness Liam and Harry were tied up to each other with a rope but could still move there arms, Louis was on the floor with me with his leg cut so he couldn't move and I was on he floor but my leg was cut so I could hardly move.  I was the only one up. 

"Lou" He didn't move

"Louis" Still he didn't move

"Louis Tomlinson"

"Hmm" He said regaining consciousness

"Your leg" He said sitting up

"Don't worry about it"

Harry and Liam woke up and tried to get out of the rope.  I started to look around the room and everyone's body was in here.  Lila was up against a chair, Sara was on top of Niall's body.  Niall's body is everywhere its haunting me.  Zayn's body was hanging on a hook, Daniela's body was hanging in front of Harry's face and Charli's body was hanging in front of Liam.  I sat up and I could hear Harry crying a bit.  I tried to crawl over to him in took a while.  I sat up and gave him a big hug.  I could hear a few gunshots, we all heard it.  The clown guy ran in and pinned Louis to the wall and held a gun to his chest.  I was about to get up and move to Louis but Harry held me back.  Louis had told him to keep me back.  The guy was whispering in his ear but then started to talk normally

"I heard you to are engaged"

"Yeah and"

"To bad you won't live to get married"


"Shut Up little girl"

"Harry let me go please"

Harry let me go and I jumped on the clown guy.  The clown guy shook me off and shot me and then ran off to the corner obvisuoly he wanted to watch me die.  I fell to the ground and Louis crouched down next to me


"Yes Louis"

"You're going to be ok right"

"I dunno maybe"

"Please stay"

Harry had tears in his eyes and so did Liam.  They both got out of the rope and crouched down next to me with Louis.

"Louis if I don't make it and you do go and find another girl" I said handing him back the ring

"No I won't find another I only love you and only will" He said pushing the ring back onto my finger. 

"And you are going to make it you will be fine won't you"

"I-I probably won't"

Louis leaned down and kissed me it wasn't tongue it was just to show that he still loved me a didn't want to let go. 

"Harry look after Lou and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid same with you Liam, all of you don't do anything stupid.  I said losing breath

"Chelsea don't die on us we need you with us" harry said brushing the hair out of my face

"Chelsea please try and stay" Liam said sobbing

Louis was full on crying

Louis's POV

"Chelsea please stay I need you"

"I'm not as strong as Zayn" She said referring to how Zayn survived a extra hour after the knife was lodged into his stomach

"I will always love you Lou" Chelsea said as she drifted into an endless sleep

I put my head onto her body and cried for about 10 minutes telling her I love her and always will.


I was in a foul mood but when Lila brought her friend Chelsea over my mood instantly changed.  Chelsea could light up a whole room in seconds.  Lila and zayn had gone up stairs while me and Chelsea were jumping around to some music.  At first she was showing me the chorography to her dance to Friday To Sunday and it was really good and then we just started jumping around.  Chelsea fell forward and our lips touched but instead of pulling back I pulled her closer I was expecting her to pull back but she kissed back


We turned ans saw Lila and Zayn standing there.  Chelsea and I went red

"Chelsea will you be my girlfriend" I asked Chelsea

"Of course I will Lou"

*End Of Flashback*

I remembered the day we got together like it was yesterday

"I FUCKIN HATE YOU" I said as I leaped at the clown guy

"I told you that you would never get married to her" He said laughing

"LOUIS GET BACK HERE BEFORE HE SHOOTS YOU" Liam said but it was too late.  the guy had shot me and while cluthing my stomach I crawled over to Chelsea and whispered

"I'm coming babe"

I was in a fully white gown I looked around for Chelsea and I saw the familiar blonde hair.  She was dancing.

"Chelsea" I yelled running over to her

"LOU" She yelled back running towards me we were finally reunited

Killing yourself in a book is actually quite hard ~ Chelsea

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