Haunted House

Chelsea, Charli, Lila, Daniela, Sara, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn were really good friends one Valentines day they all decided to spend the night in a old house. The house looks fine from the outside although it is haunted. Nobody knew though. Will they make it out or will it end in blood and tears.


13. I think the end is near

Liam's POV


I shivered, I could hear Charli's cries in my head. As I stared at the lifeless figure in front of me, tears threatened to spill. I lifted my hand to stroke the face of my dead girlfriend. To think, I would never hear her voice again, unless I was thinking of her, but even then, Charli was gone... I turned as I heard Harry shout.

"FUCK!!!" He screamed as Daniella had started to move. The corpse smiled at him creepily, a bloodstained face complete with her green eyes still frozen in fear. I felt something grab my hand. I looked at the hand and looked up. Charli's corpse was moving too. She smiled at me, but instead of it looking creepy like Dani, she didn't look too bad, as she wasn't afraid when she died, and instead her brown eyes glowed with confidence.

"I.....love.....you.." She whispered, and I screamed.


"Like my puppets boys? Made especially for you!" A voice chorused in the ceiling, followed by inhuman laughter. I saw Niall and Sara pick themselves up, along with Lila and Zayn. The corpses were all moving backwards into a pile. A boy jumped down, with black hair slicked back into an emo-style cut, and red eyes. He was wearing a jacket and jeans, with black sneakers. Strangely, he looked around my age.

"Why would you do this?" I shrieked, feeling the rage build up inside me. "Forget that, HOW CAN you do this! It's wicked and disgusting!!"

"Aww but you don't like them? After all, they are exactly the same, they just don't have a soul." He pouted, and looking like a little-kid, crossed his arms. Suddenly a rose appeared in his hands. "They don't have souls, but they still have the memories of their past before they died. All in all, it's just simple magic! And seeing as you dislike them so much, why don't you destroy them? But again, they ARE your loved ones!" He crushed the rose, laughing sadistically.

"You sick bastard!" I heard Harry growl.

"I agree!" He laughed and walked out of the room, the door shutting behind him and locking.

"So, we're stuck in a room with dead people. Wonderful." I stated as I looked at the smiling faces of the corpses.



Ok, my sad, depressing, creepy side really showed in this, but it helps with the story line. Only two people left.. I wonder how much longer our story will go!! - Charli

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