Haunted House

Chelsea, Charli, Lila, Daniela, Sara, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn were really good friends one Valentines day they all decided to spend the night in a old house. The house looks fine from the outside although it is haunted. Nobody knew though. Will they make it out or will it end in blood and tears.


6. Another blow

Chelsea's POV


"How could you do this! I hate you!" Zayn screamed. I saw him pull the knife out of Lila's body, slowly, so that if her corpse was returned, they wouldn't have too much mess to work with. Danielle screamed when she saw Zayn and the guy with the mask lunged at eachother, Charli still held the camera, a red dot flashing as it recorded the gruesome pas off the knives. I saw something that made me cry. A life has been lost tonight, please, Zayn, survive this. He stubled back, the knife lodged in his stomach. Tears had fallen onto his shoulders. He was crying. He fell, landing on his hands and knees, to the floor. He gasped for breath, he started screaming, the pain too much for him to handle. Poor Charli, she had to hold a camera through this. But I realized she wasn't looking at that. She was looking at the window, at which a dark figure was crawling through. As she soon as she realized what it was she screamed, and I did too. Everyone looked over and saw to where she was looking, fear in her eyes. She screamed even louder as the demon trust his hand through Sara's Heart killing her instantly. Zayn was still screaming in pain, but his screams getting weaker. I crawled over towards him, Charli, Daniella and Niall still screaming.

"Hold on Zayn", I murmured. "This WILL hurt, but it'll ensure that you live." I pulled out a needle and Zayn realized what I was doing, then he nodded. Allowing me to stitch up the wound. I had sewn it in a box-stitch, then gone over it with a zigzag stitch, being careful not to sew any of Zayn's intestines to the skin.

He had been whimpering each time I peiced him with the needle. At least I knew the string was clean, as I had to actually open it to stitch Zayn up in the first place. Tears followed as whimpered, as I didn't want him to be in pain. I gave him six panadol, and wondered whether that would help. I walked over to sarah, who was laying limp on the floor, evereyone but me and Zayn had gathered around her. I grabbed the dress I was going to wear tomorrow. I fugured I wouldn't need it as I would probably be dead anyway. I carried her into a bathroom and changed her into the dress. She had given it to me for my birthday, and it was my favorite dress. as I finished changing her, I carried her outside. The other looked at what I had done, and I smiled weakly. That blood encrusted outfit she was wearing didn't complement her, so I thought she should at least be beautiful in the end.

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