Beautiful Goodbye. [Liam Payne]

I was stupid, and childish. I should’ve told him it was going to be okay, and not to worry. But I was stupid. I should’ve been there for him, like he always was for me—But I wasn’t.
The sirens sounded more distant now, than ever—like they were never going to reach me. I heard a car’s breaks, and the sound of multiple doors opening but never closing. I barely made out the sound of footsteps, and light sobbing. “Charlotte!” I heard my name called. I knew exactly who it was. I tried to call back, but couldn’t. The smoke clogged up in my throat, and I coughed. “I love you.” I said—barely above a whisper.As I breathed heavily—smoke was ever where, and the flames illuminated almost everything. I couldn’t help but think—I hope they get to me in time.


2. Chapter 2: Leaving Tomorrow.

*Nicole’s POV*


‘That picture’s crooked.’ I thought to myself as I reached up to straighten a picture that hung on the wall. “Nicole.” I stopped and turned around to face Charlotte. “What?” I asked confused. “That’s the fifth time you’ve straightened that picture.” She said pointing behind me.


“What are you worrying about?” She asked me sitting on the bottom stair of the staircase. “Psshhh…. I’m not worrying, why would you think I was worrying? I’m not worrying.” I said quickly. “Mhmm, yeah, sure whatever” She said looking down at the polished hardwood floor.


“I’m not worrying!” I said louder as I crossed my arms over my chest. She raised her hands up defensively. “Okay, Okay, I get it. You’re not worrying.” She said standing up and walking up stairs. “We’re leaving tomorrow!” I shouted up to her as I heard her door close. “Joy!” I heard her shout sarcastically as I walked into the kitchen.


I quickly opened the door to the refrigerator, and grabbed a bottle of water. ‘I wasn’t worrying…. What do I have to worry about?’


*Charlotte’s POV*


“I’m pretty sure, she’s worrying about going to London… it has to be it...” I said to myself as I shoved more of my clothes into my black and pink duffle bag. I stepped back and looked around my small room.


My CD’s all were placed on my shelves, beside my stereo. My two bookshelves, full of books, and my laptop sat on the edge of my desk, slightly open.


I walked over to my laptop, and opened up all the way. When it loaded up, I clicked on the internet explorer, and pulled up my blog. I scrolled through my blog, looking at all my new comments, and replying to a few of them. It made me happy seeing so many people actually reading and being able to relate to my blog.


When I finished replying to people’s comments I scrolled back up to the top and clicked the ‘new blog’ button. I titled it ‘Short, Simple, and Sweet.’


“Hey, guys. This is going to be short. Simple. And Sweet. (: … I know, not normal for me. But, tomorrow I’m going to London… I might not have time to update my blog as much as I usually do. But I promise when I get back, whenever that may be, I’ll make up for it. Until then, bye guys! <3 —Char.“ I made today’s blog, short, since I still had to finish packing.


I re-read my post before closing my laptop and placing it into my computer bag. I stood up, slowly stretching as I stood up. I stood straight up and walked over to my almost empty closet. I grabbed my second duffle bag off the floor, and set it on my bed. I already had all the clothes I needed packed, so I started packing some of my other stuff.




I was done, packing everything I needed, in less than two hours. I had my clothes, my favorite CD’s, a few of my journals, my laptop, and all my other necessities. I glanced at the small digital alarm clock that sat alone on my mahogany bedside table. The red numbers standing out clearly.


I pushed myself off my bed, and towards my door. I tiredly opened it, and made my way down the hall, and down the stairs. “Nicole!?” I called out to her as I reached the last step. ‘Yeah…. This is about the time when the killer jumps out and kills me.’ I joked in my head.


I flicked on the kitchen light, before entering the kitchen. Being the total paranoid person I was. I hate being the only one awake. At least I’m guessing Nicole was asleep. Either that, or she was just ignoring me…


I opened the fridge quietly, and pulled out the leftover pizza from yesterday. I set the box on the counter, I turned around and got a plate.


I sat down at the island, and ate my dinner quickly. When I had finished I still hadn’t seen Nicole, I figured she was already asleep.


I placed my dirty dishes in the dish washer, and put the empty pizza box in the trash. On my way out of the kitchen I flicked the lights off. I climbed the stairs slowly and quietly. I looked down the long dark hallway and saw Nicole’s door closed and no light coming from beneath it.

It’s early for her to be asleep. I just waved it off and went into my room. I changed into something comfy before I turned out the light and climbed into bed. “Tomorrow is going to be a long freaking day.” I thought out loud, before drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

N/A; Short I know.. But I tried. Feedback would be nice<3 Thanks for reading, loves(: It means alot.

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