Fifty Shades of Payne

I'm Kirby Greene, I live with my bestfriend Harry Styles. He is always trying to protect me as if he's my brother! He says he don't want me to meet the guys because he doesn't want me to date them. Like I said he acts like my brother. But what will Harry do when I go behind his back and hang out with the guys.

As Kirby and Liam grow closer together Harry and Kirby slowly drift apart. What will Harry do about losing his bestfriend?


4. This Morning


***HI everyone! It is indeed, Le Mila Styles! I just wanted to update because I feel like this mvla has been virtually untouched since last month, so I think we need some progression. Kirby would update, but she's focused on writing this AMAZAYN Wattpad story called "My Bestfriends Brother" hint hint it's about Liam. She writes Liam fanfic, and I write Harry. It all works out in the end. Marry and KiLi <3 anyways enjoy! 

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I blinked my eyes into focus, I was in a room. Blue walls, Toy Story bedding, it screamed Liam Payne. I had just slept with Liam Payne. Harry, I thought. He probably messaged me five million times! I roll over in bed and look for my phone. It's sitting on Liam's nightstand. Okay, so far so good, I think. 

I wake my phone up and see... no missed calls? No texts? No FaceTimes? No DMs from Twitter? Not one tweet? Even on my Facebook there's nothing. My timeline and wall is clear, and my messages too. Even his private Instagram! Wow, okay. Is Harry so upset he's giving me the silent treatment? 

I open Liam's door and the scent of pancakes hits me. It's not just a pancake though, it smells more homely and familiar. I hear a laugh that I know better than anyone. Yet I still can't recognize it. I trot down the stairs in Liam's large shirt. I'm only in underwear, but his shirt is long so it hits my thigh. "Morning, Kirby!" Liam's voice calls. The pancakes. The laugh. Curly hair standing over the stove in concentration. Curly hair that I have run my fingers through thousands of times. Pancakes I've eaten for breakfast thousands of times. The laugh that I heard, and hear thousands of times. Harold. Edward. Styles. 

Curls whip around to face me and I instantly regret the fact that I'm wearing Liam's shirt. At first it was kind of nice, pretending that I was his girlfriend and running around like I own the place. "Kirby? Liam?" Harry asks, "What?" his eyes are darkening in anger. Confusion. Hurt. 

"Hazza, mate, we can-" Liam tries but Harry's glare silences him. "How did you even meet?" Harry says calmly. "I was babysitting Liam's cousin Jamie, you know Jamie," I look at him for confirm and he nods, "I didn't know Liam was Jamie's cousin, so Liam showed up and played with Jamie a bit but she got tired and went to sleep. I was supposed to stay until Jamie's parents got home and so Liam and I hung out a bit and then he gave me his number and told me he had to go to the recording studio." I ramble. "Continue," Harry demands. "That's when I pieced together that you and Liam were friends. In the beginning I was afraid, because I know you don't want me to hang out with your friends and their 'bad influences'. But then I realized that it was even better because imagine I was hanging out with a complete stranger!" I tried to show him a better side of the story. 

"Wait, you knew! You knew and you didn't tell me?!" Harry yells. "Wait, I'm not finished yet." I placate and he motions for me to continue. "Danielle broke up with him last night and he wanted to be with friends so we ended up having a Toy Story marathon and eating ice cream with forks," I finish. 

"Why did you stay over?" 

"I umm, I-" 

"Felt sick," Liam finished. "She felt too sick to drive home and I was drunk and she didn't know the others so she didn't want to go home with them," he lies. 

"Why didn't you tell me you felt sick? I could have taken you home," Harry says sadly and over protectively. "Do you not trust me enough?" he asks quietly. 

"Harold Edward Styles I trust you more than anyone in the entire world. This morning I woke up feeling-" I pause then remember my cover story, "better than yesterday. I felt really guilty because I forgot to tell you I was sleeping over but I checked my phone and there were no messages. I started to feel really sad. Did you not care anymore? Were you so mad that I didn't tell you where I was that you didn't talk to me?" I say, "I was worried. So I came down the stairs and here you were..." I trail off, not wanting to give away anything else. 

"One last question," Harry says, seeming to have bought it. 


"Why are you in underwear and wearing Liam's shirt?" 

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Instead of making it more obvious and looking at Liam, I stared Harry straight into his hurt green eyes and lied. I can't stand it when he does that. When his eyes sadden. 

"You know I always sleep in underwear!" I say exasperatedly at him. That's the only thing that has been the truth. I hate sleeping with pants on. 

"I'll give you that. But Liam's shirt...?" his eyebrows raise. 

"My shirt was tight and uncomfortable so I borrowed one of Liam's shirts," I smoothly say. 

"Okay. Are you hungry Kirby? If you really are sick, you should eat." his voice takes on the parental tone. 

"Serve me a lot, Harold," I joke and he smiles. 


At the table, we're all sitting and laughing. Then it comes to me. Why didn't Harry contact me at all? What was he doing? 

"I went to a friend's apartment and slept over there," Harry says to me. Shit. I just said that out loud. 

"Indeed you did," he responds and I slap my head. I just did it again. 

"The pancakes are really yummy, Hazza," Liam tells Harry and changes the subject. Liam is the only person able to call Harry 'Hazza'. "Thank you Liam," he says neutrally. 

We finish our pancakes a few minutes later and I change back into my clothes from yesterday. I would hug Liam goodbye, but I don't want to give too much away. "Come on, Kirby let's go," says my presumed 'father', Harry. "Coming, Dad!" I tease. 

"Bye Liam!" I do a small wave and he returns the gesture. 

I climb into my car and Harry goes into his and we race home. Safely, of course. Harry's daughter cannot get hurt, I think sarcastically. 


At home I take a quick shower and change into white sweats and a pink low-cute sweater. My hair is up high in a ponytail and I'm sitting on the couch on my phone. Texting, tweeting, emailing, what can I say? I love social networking. 

Then I get an incoming tweet from Liam. Up to this moment I've just been texting my best friend and next door neighbor Melina Rodgers. She is in some euphoric state for an unknown reason and all her texts are in either capital letters or are signed with some kind of emoji. 

"Hello love, I never got to say a proper morning to you and thank you for last night. It was lovely ;)" Liam's text reads. 

Oh right, our sex. Let's not talk about that mind blowing experience, I think. Images of last night flood into my mind like a waterfall and my cheeks redden instantly. Harry is in his room on his laptop, most likely video chatting his mom or his sister Gemma. I never come into his room when the door's closed, and he never comes into mine when my door is closed. It's our boundary when we want some alone time. And right now, I think that alone time would be kind of nice. I start walking towards my door and then my phone beeps. It's not Liam, it's Melina. 

"Wanna come over for some tea and chat?" I glance over her text. I could use some girl advice, I decide and write back that I'll be there in a minute. 

I almost walk out without telling Harold. I knock quietly on his door. "Mhmm?" Harry's voice calls from the other side of the door. "I'm going over to Melina's!" I tell the door. "Wha-Melin-What-Wait-umm," he pauses. "I mean, sure, come home for dinner because I'm making some homemade tacos!" He says. What was up with him? Does he know something I don't? 

***ERMAGERD I'm done. I felt bad, so I posted. I know it kinda sucks but I really had no idea what to write about. This is a great story idea and I didn't want to leave it alone, so yeah. 

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