Fifty Shades of Payne

I'm Kirby Greene, I live with my bestfriend Harry Styles. He is always trying to protect me as if he's my brother! He says he don't want me to meet the guys because he doesn't want me to date them. Like I said he acts like my brother. But what will Harry do when I go behind his back and hang out with the guys.

As Kirby and Liam grow closer together Harry and Kirby slowly drift apart. What will Harry do about losing his bestfriend?


6. Rebel

***sorry for not updating I'm really busy, as is Kirby. She has a great story in WattPad called 'My Bestfriends Brother' and she's focused on it. So I'll be updating it while she can't. I'm sorry, my chapters & writing aren't very good, but you'll just have to deal with it and I promise it will get better when Kirby starts writing. 

Much love, 
Mi. xx :)***

I bring the tissue to my face, and blow into it again and again. Not that I haven't already used an entire box. I locked the door so Harry couldn't come in, but I can hear him hovering every now and then. Outside the door. Worrying. I was almost feeling bad and I almost let him in when I remembered. He and Melina had sex. And they criticized me for sleeping with Liam. Hypocrites. 

I spent the rest of my sadness watching reruns of Friends, wishing that I had more friends to talk to. Rather than my neighbor and my pretty-much brother. I could've had more friends if Harry wasn't so overprotective. I could've done so much more with my life if Harry wasn't bossing me around. That's it. I'm tired of it. I pulled out my phone and started texting the one person who wasn't persecuting me right now. Also the one person who was my only other friend. 

I grabbed my car keys and a leather jacket and left our flat, not leaving Harry a note or explanation. He wasn't my dad, he didn't need it. I walked downstairs, not taking the elevator so that I didn't run into Melina or anyone else. I don't exactly walk, I ran. I was so used to behaving and obeying that I guess disobeying and misbehaving were kind of scary for me. I quickly climbed into my small car and drove off to Liam's, the only place where I was free.   

I knocked on the door and waited for a certain brown haired, brown eyed cutie to open it but instead a brown haired, brown eyed girl opened it. She blinked. "Are you a friend?" I nod. "Of Liam's," I say. "How did you find out where we live?" I knit my brows together. "Liam told me..." I say slowly. She frowns, "Ugh, really, why do the fans think they have to lie to us!" She exclaims quietly to herself. 

I think a bit then I realize she asked me if I was a fan earlier. "I didn't hear you before, I'm Liam's friend. I was that girl who was over here the night Danielle broke up with him. We watched Toy Story and ate ice cream. Harry, my roommate, picked me up in the morning?" I explain, hoping she'll remember. 

"Are you lying? I wasn't home whenever that was, Danielle is my best friend so I honestly hope you aren't lying." She warns. Then she cocks her head. "What's my name?" She asks. "I don't know I've never even met you!" I scream. The door opens wider, and a tan boy with blue eyes opens the door. Behind him is Liam. "El, is this girl upsetting you?" 'el' mutters "shit" quietly. "I'm fine, Lou. Let's go," El shrugs apologetically at me and pulls 'Lou' away. "Hi Kirby." Liam says. 

"El was totally giving me crap. Thought I was a crazy fan," I explain. He nods and takes my hand and pulls me in. "Sorry love," he says and kisses my cheek. Whoa. Does he think we're together? I never agreed to anything! Or maybe we're just that weird pair of friends that touches a lot. 

Liam wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me to the couch. We sit down and I sit next to him, but he puts his arm around my shoulder and I lean into him because well, I can. He kisses my head. "I missed you," he murmurs into my tumbling black hair. I smile to myself. "Are you flirting, Liam?" I ask him and I can hear the smile in his voice as he responds, "I don't need to flirt, right? You're mine." He tells me and I freeze. What?

Liam Payne thinks I'm his girlfriend. 



Oh my god. 

-mi xxx :)***

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