Fifty Shades of Payne

I'm Kirby Greene, I live with my bestfriend Harry Styles. He is always trying to protect me as if he's my brother! He says he don't want me to meet the guys because he doesn't want me to date them. Like I said he acts like my brother. But what will Harry do when I go behind his back and hang out with the guys.

As Kirby and Liam grow closer together Harry and Kirby slowly drift apart. What will Harry do about losing his bestfriend?


5. Melina's

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My fist tapped on the dark wooden door rhythmically as I waited impatiently for Melina to answer the door. A creaking noise followed, and the door swung open to reveal a disheveled Melina. Her pretty dirty blonde hair looked like so many hands had run through it, or just two hands multiple times. Her clothes were wrinkled, but she had a stupid grin on her face and her blue green eyes were alight with euphoria, and that pretty much screamed "I just had sex,". I mean, she didn't bother to put her bra back on, I can see her through the shirt. 

Not that I cared, really, she was my closest friend next to Harry. "Good morning, Kirby!" Melina sing songed joyously. "Morning, Melina," I say nonchalantly. Melina frowns, "What's up with you?" she asks. Do I tell her the truth? "Well, erm, I spent last night watching Toy Story movies with my guy friend eating chocolate ice cream comforting him about his ex girlfriend, and then..." I trail off. Melina's eyes twinkle mischievously, "And then...." she gestures for me to continue. 

"I slept over," I tell her honestly. Well, it wasn't honest, but it was still, you know, sort of true. Melina's jaw falls slack, "No sex?!?!?!" she seems surprised. I look away and say nothing. She grins.

"You pounced on it," she accuses proudly.

"On what?"


"Who said it was a boy?"

"I highly doubt you were comforting a lesbian over her ex girlfriend watching Toy Story movies,"

"Maybe I'm lesbian,"

"Who was it?"

"Who was it?" I fire back at her.

"What are you talking about, Kirby?" she asks carefully. I start, "No bra, probably no undies, wrinkled clothing, you have the 'just sexed' hair, the stupid 'just sexed' grin, your eyes are sparkling with delight, is he still even here?" I ask and her eyes widen. 


"I'll tell you if you tell me," 

"I can't tell you though," Melina tells me sadly. 

"Why not?" 

"I'm-I, well, I promised not to. And I really like him, and I don't want to lose him and his trust. He makes me happy, Kirbz" she says wistfully. 

"Then I guess you don't get to know that I slept with Li-" I cut myself off purposely. 

"Lianna! The lesbian upstairs?!?!?" Melina's shocked. There is a woman upstairs named Lianna, but she's 36 and married. Melina just enjoys accusing her of being a lesbian because Melina is a drama queen. 

"No, the BOY doesn't LIVE HERE and HE is STRAIGHT," I emphasize words to give Melina a hint. "So it's a straight guy, you went to his house, ate ice cream and watched Toy Story movies, then had sex," she says. "Damn straight," I assure her and she laughs. "Why are you here, Kirbz?" she asks curiously. I sigh in defeat and sit on her comfortable modern white couch. Her entire apartment is incredibly modern. Everything is sleek, straight, black or white, and it reflects Melina's personality perfectly. 

Smart, stylish, dignified, and elegant. 

"What do you need advice on?" Melina's voice takes on a motherly tone. I swear, I can never get away from parental figures. Harry is basically my father, and Melina is my mother. Those two should just get together or something. 



"I like him, Melina. He's sweet and adorable and different. He's not afraid to be bold, but he still has a fun, younger side of him. But, he's off limits." I admit quietly. "Why?" she questions. Nosy, caring Melina. "Harry doesn't exactly approve," I tread carefully with my words. 

At the mention of Harry's name, Melina smiles, yet stiffens. "Well, Harry cares about you. A lot. He's only looking out for you. And Harry's a great judge of character. Maybe you shouldn't, you know, see this Li boy," she says. My best friend just sided with my other best friend. Are they best friends? 

"And you know, Harry's not always going to be there to protect you. What if this Li guy is a bad apple?" she suggests. I'm furious. It's like they're a couple! One person! 

"I really like him, Melina!" I scream into her face. "I don't care what you and Harry think! I like him, and he's not a bad apple! I don't know when you two decided to be my parents and gang up on me, but it's infuriating! I'm an adult. I can LIVE my own life." I yell. 

"You asked for advice," she whispers. "I didn't want you to side with Harry though. I wanted a genuine opinion." I say, "Oh, listen to Harry because he's wise and he cares about you and Harry is a good judge of character and Harry's looking out for you," I mimic her. 

Then it hits me. 





"I'm leaving Melina, I don't want to sit next to the girl who wouldn't even tell me when she slept with my best friend and roommate," I say. I storm out, but I glance back at her and her eyes are wide and she's silently crying. I feel bad for a split second, but then I leave, slam the door, and angrily go back into my apartment with my own tears flying off my face as I run into my room. I sit on the bed and tuck my knees in to my chest, sobbing quietly. 

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