Fifty Shades of Payne

I'm Kirby Greene, I live with my bestfriend Harry Styles. He is always trying to protect me as if he's my brother! He says he don't want me to meet the guys because he doesn't want me to date them. Like I said he acts like my brother. But what will Harry do when I go behind his back and hang out with the guys.

As Kirby and Liam grow closer together Harry and Kirby slowly drift apart. What will Harry do about losing his bestfriend?


2. Babysitting with Liam Payne

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Deep brown eyes stared into mine. These eyes belonged to Liam Payne, possibly the hottest boy I've ever met. He also happens to be Harry Styles's best friend. Harry Styles is my best friend who doesn't want me hanging out with his friends. Like Liam. Shit. How did this happen?

~Hours Before~

"Bye Harry!" I called out as I opened the door. As I was walking out, Harry Styles, my best friend, roommate, and overprotective cupcake ran in. "Kirby! Wait!" He says, and I whip my head around to face him, my black, curly hair swigging behind me, tied up in a high ponytail. "Yes, Harold?" I ask, my blue eyes peering back at him. I brush my left side bang back in frustration. I hated how Harry was always being my dad. He was probably the best friend I could ever have, but I think he forgets I'm a grown woman with a grown mind. I know he's going to ask me. 3, 2, 1... "Where are you going?" he questions. Ah, there it is. The million dollar question. "Work," I say vaguely, irking Harry purposely. "What kind of work?" Harry interrogates, "Babysitting, Harold, ok? Calm your tits, stow those four nipples for a different time, ok?" He half-laughs half-glares. "Ok, bye Kirby," he waves and I sigh and walk out.

I arrive at the clients' house. I'm babysitting Jamie, my absolute favorite child to babysit. She's beautiful and kind, but has a lot of sass. It's never a dull moment with Jamie. She has dirty blonde hair and grey blue eyes, I know she'll be incredibly gorgeous when she's older. I've been babysitting Jamie since she was a baby, so I guess we've known each other for a reasonably long time. I let myself in, courtesy of the secret keys under the welcome mat that only a few people know about.

"Jay-meeeeee!" I sing-song, and a cute little head perks up from the sofa. "Hi Kirby!" A cute voice says. "So how was your day?" I ask her and sit down on the couch with her.

~30 Minutes Later~

Jamie and I talked for a while, but then the doorbell sounded. "Stay here, Jamie," I say. She nods silently and I look out the little hole on Jamie's door. It was a strikingly gorgeous teenage boy, maybe my age, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was just waiting awkwardly, and I felt bad so I opened the door. "Hello," I say, and the beautiful boy snaps out of his trance. "Oh!" He says, a little startled. "Hi," he does a small wave, "Are you the babysitter?" He asks and I nod. How does he know who I am? "I'm Liam, Liam Payne, Jamie's cousin. Her mother wanted me to pop in on Jamie, I live really close." He explains and my mouth makes an 'o' shape. "Ok," I pause, "I'm Kirby Greene, and I've babysat for Jamie since she was a baby, funny how I've never seen you," I finish.

He bobs his head up and down and we just wait before he coughs and says, "Can I... erm, come in?" He finally breaks the silence and I blush. "Of course!" I say and open the door wider. He walks in and says, "Jamie!" Her blonde head pops up. "Liam?" She questions hopefully. Liam laughs, "Yes, Jamie, it's cousin Liam," he speaks and she jumps off the couch and into his muscular arms. He picks her up and whispers in her ear, "How are you beautiful?" She giggles a bit, "Good. How's your band?" He laughs, "They're good, I have to go back to the studio soon, sing more songs, but I thought I'd drop by and say hello," Jamie frowns a bit then smiles widely, "Yay!" She squeals.

A few minutes later Jamie got tired so I put her in bed. She was so excited about Liam visiting that she used all her energy. It ended up just being me and Liam sitting awkwardly on the couch. "Tell me about yourself," he says suddenly and I jump a bit. "Ok, well, I live with my best friend in a flat nearby, and I babysit a lot. I dunno, I just really love kids." I say, then add a quick 'what about you?' He smiles, and he has such a perfect smile. It's that smile that makes you smile too. "Well, I'm in a band called One Direction, my girlfriend is a dancer, I hate spoons, and I live with my four best friends and their girlfriends." I smile back at him, but inside I think, One Direction? That's the name of Harry's band. I decided to question Liam, "Your band, does it have a member named Harry Styles?" His face goes blank, "Why? Are you some crazy fan or something?" I laugh. Harry won't even let me listen to his music.

"No, he's my roommate and my best friend." I say, but Liam doesn't look too convinced. "What's his number?" He questions and I pull out my phone and show him my contacts. I find, "<3 Harold" and show him. His face turns thoughtful, then he replies with a quick "Yes, he's in our band. We're really close friends," Liam glances at his watch and grimaces. "I have to go, but here," he grabs a pen and a piece of paper from his jean pocket and writes some numbers down. Then he shoves he pen back in his pocket and quickly slips the paper into the back pocket of my jeans and I get butterflies in my stomach.

I blush and look back at him. Deep brown eyes stared into mine. These eyes belonged to Liam Payne, possibly the hottest boy I've ever met. He also happens to be Harry Styles's best friend. Harry Styles is my best friend who doesn't want me hanging out with his friends. Like Liam. Shit. How did this happen? Going home to Harry is going to be absolutely lovely. I'm in my own thoughts staring out into space when I hear the door close. He's gone, I think. I have to stay until Jamie's parents come back, but he just gave me way too much time to think about him.

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