Fifty Shades of Payne

I'm Kirby Greene, I live with my bestfriend Harry Styles. He is always trying to protect me as if he's my brother! He says he don't want me to meet the guys because he doesn't want me to date them. Like I said he acts like my brother. But what will Harry do when I go behind his back and hang out with the guys.

As Kirby and Liam grow closer together Harry and Kirby slowly drift apart. What will Harry do about losing his bestfriend?


1. Just a Bit About Me!

Oh! Hi there I'm Kirby Greene! I love in a 2 bedroom flat with my bestfriend Harry Styles! Yes, from One Direction! We have known each other since birth. The thing is Harry acts like my brother and won't let me hang out with the rest of the guys I have always had a little crush on Liam but he has a girlfriend! Danielle Peazer! She's an absolute Slut! I hate her guys! Liam is starting to see it now, thank God! So yeah, pretty much a small town girl living to dream right? No! Not right at all I hate how protective Harry is! He don't Want me to date because he is afraid I'll get hurt! I don't fall easily! And anyway of I did it wouldn't be with Louis, Zayn, or Niall. Yes I know I left out Liam! He is just so amazing! He is one of a kind!, perfection! The only word to describe him!

-Sorry it is so short! Next chapter gets interesting! Hope you like it so far! Love, Kirby xx
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