The sky is the limit {Austin Mahone}

I found one of my old and very first fan fictions about the singer Austin Mahone, and decided I wanted to share it with you all. It's a short story, but it contains a lot of emotions. I hope you'll enjoy it, when you go on a journey back in time to my late 2011 stories. xx


8. chapter 8


Austin: good morning beautiful.

Lexi: It’s not morning yet!!

Austin: it is and we better get up and head to La Vernia.

Lexi: Give me 5 more minutes!

Austin: I’m going to tickle you if you aren’t opening those beautiful eyes of yours!

He giggled and I could imagine how he would be smiling right now.

Lexi: make me.

Austin: Well since you asked for it.

He started tickling me and I couldn’t stop laughing and opened my eyes pretty fast.

Lexi: I surrender!!!

Austin: are you sure?

Lexi: maybe.

I laughed and he leaned down to kiss me.

Lexi: yummy morning breath.

Austin: sorry.

Lexi: It’s alright. I’m probably not having the best breath myself. BTW would it be okay if I borrowed a shower? I don’t feel like taking one as soon as I’m at Grace’s place.

Austin: Sure it’s just across the hall. I’ll get you some towels.

Lexi: thanks.

We both got up from the bed and Austin gave me the towels. Their bathroom was so amazing. It was huge and there was room to everything in there. It was really nice.

I finished the shower quickly and walked back into Austin’s room wearing my underwear and the towel. I hadn’t got my clothes with me to the bathroom so I had to take one of the towels around me.

Austin: hello there… shouldn’t you be getting into some clothes?

Lexi: That’s usually not the first thing I hear when I walk into a boys bedroom only wearing underwear.

Austin: haha… I don’t seem like the guy you usually hang out with either.

Lexi: The others are jerks, I mean literally. I might not be very popular but being a part of the basket team gives you certain attention from the basket guys.

Austin: I guess it does.

Lexi: but aye… I don’t want those other boys they just want me… its part of their game.

I got into my clothes while speaking with him and of course he couldn’t stop looking at me.

Lexi: what do you think?

Austin: beautiful as always.

Lexi: you’re sweet.

As soon as we had spoken a bit with Michele and gotten a little breakfast we got out in the car. I took my phone and put it on speaker as I called Grace while I backed out of the driveway.

*phone conversation*

Lexi: hey sweetie you’re on speaker. Austin is here with me. We’re on our way to La Vernia right now. I’m dropping him off at Alex’s before I’m coming over.

Grace: Hey that’s cool!

Lexi: I know right. Is there anything I should get to you on the way?

Grace: Can’t we just go buy it later if there’s something we need. It’s like noon when you’re here.

Lexi: sure that’ll be fine. Well I better keep my eyes on the road I see you in about 45 minutes.

Grace: Awesome. Have a nice trip. And Austin?

Austin: yeah?

Grace: Be nice to her.

Austin: Always have been always will be.

Grace: good. Bye!!

*end of phone conversation*

Austin: she’s sweet.

Lexi: She’s been my best friend in years.

Austin: cute.

Lexi: I know right.

Being the oldest one wasn’t always the best thing for me. I was born late in 1995 which made me one of the oldest in class and most of my friends younger than me. Most of them were born in 96. But to be honest that didn’t mean much to me. Of course it annoyed me sometimes but it wasn’t going to stop me from being friends with them.

Lexi: Guess it’s soon gonna be you who are driving instead of me.

Austin: it’s gonna be awesome.

Lexi: I love having my car even though I’ve only had it for a month or something like that. It was a present from my mom. She thought I was going to feel better as soon she gave me something for telling me that she was going to move out. I should actually be visiting her this weekend but to be honest I didn’t want to.

Austin: where does she live?

Lexi: La Vernia.

Austin: then why aren’t you going to see her when you’re in town?

Lexi: Because I’m not going to forgive her for abandon me with a drunk.

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