The sky is the limit {Austin Mahone}

I found one of my old and very first fan fictions about the singer Austin Mahone, and decided I wanted to share it with you all. It's a short story, but it contains a lot of emotions. I hope you'll enjoy it, when you go on a journey back in time to my late 2011 stories. xx


23. Chapter 23


Austin and I finished together and as soon as we were done we went outside. Michele, Lisa and Mark were right behind us.

Lisa: wow you guys look amazing.

Lexi: Wow you too!

Michele: you guys are so cute. I’m gonna have to take a picture of this.

Austin: mom, come on...

Michele: Now pose Austin…

Austin: fine…

Michele took a couple of pictures and then we left. Everyone looked so good. I couldn’t really believe it.

When we arrived at the dinner there were a lot of ladies and men. I didn’t really know how to act around these people. Hopefully most of them were normal but I wasn’t sure about that at all.

Austin and I had to sit at a table with teenagers our age. Not that I really wanted to sit with a bunch of stock up kids I didn’t know but when I thought of myself I reminded a bit about them.

Some weird lady got up from her chair when dinner was about to start.

Lady: dinner is served!

There was some sort of waiter for every person. It was so fun! There was also a wine guy. He asked everyone if they wanted to have wine. Even though I have to admit that I love the taste of it I passed. I wasn’t really old enough to drink so I just took some…. I don’t even know what it was. Whatever…

There was a boy across the table. Austin knew him.

Boy: So Austin… tell me who this lovely lady on the side of you is?

Austin: Bro you don’t need to talk like that just because you’re dressed up for it.

Austin was so calm. I loved it.

Austin: But if you really wanna know. This is Lexi. She’s the girl who lives across the street. She’s living with me and mom in time because her parents are gone for a while.

Boy: Pleasure greeting you Lexi. My name is Adam.

Lexi: sure it’s nice to meet you too Adam.

I looked at Austin and we had the same thought! AWKWARD!

This guy turned out to be a nightmare but the night went on fine anyway. There was going to be some dance that everyone had to attend before we could go home. Neither of us had fun but Lisa had promised to do this so we had to stay.

I left to go to the bathroom just as the dance was about to start. I hated dancing and I really hoped that I could pass on it but I knew I couldn’t. When I got back into the hall I saw Austin dancing with a girl that had been staring at him all night. Her eyes caught mine and she moved even closer to him. I wanted to make some sort of scene out of it but I didn’t need the attention.

She used him. She moved as close into him as she could and started to move her hands up to his neck as if she was going to kiss him. She whispered something into his ears and I saw that he smiled. She hugged him close and for a longer time and then she did it… what I was scared of the most. She kissed him. But not on the lips! She kissed him a couple of times on his neck. He tried to get her off but she glued herself to him.

That’s it. She had crossed the line.

[Austin’s POV]

Camille moved closer to me. I didn’t really like her; I only danced with her because I was forced to. A hug? Well sure I can hug her. We’ve been friends but it belongs to the past.

Camille: I miss you Austy…

She kissed me on the neck. It was just as I like it she knew it. She knew how to play around with me.

Austin: stop it Camille.

[Lexi’s POV]

I took off my shoes and almost ran across the dance floor. People stared at me but I didn’t really care. I got up to Austin and the girl. Austin stepped back. He wanted to stop me, I could sure tell but he wasn’t going to. Not yet at least.

Lexi: Excuse me! What do you think you’re doing?

Camille: Who are you?

Lexi: I happen to be his girlfriend. Like it or not but flirting like that is crossing the line.

The word girlfriend crossed my lips as if it was nothing. But I hadn’t really thought about the fact that Austin and I weren’t official. He hadn’t told his mahomies yet.

Camille: Is it true Austin? Are you actually with her?

Austin: look Camille…

Camille: What do your fans say about that?

Austin just looked to the floor.

Camille: so you haven’t told them… and this has been going on for how long?

Austin: a couple of weeks.

Camille: Oh Austy… they are going to be so disappointed.

Austin: I’m going to tell them so if you could just shut up about it.

We were dragging too much attention. Lisa came over to us.

Lisa: Go outside if you’re going to discuss this right now! You’re dragging too much attention and I don’t wanna look bad in front of these people!

We walked outside. On the way Camille stepped me in the heels. She was really annoying. I slapped her in the face as soon as we were outside.

Lexi: that for ruining my heels and for kissing my boyfriend.

I had always been the boyish girl. I punched and slapped instead of bitching.

Austin look at me surprised.

Camille: bitch…

She tore some hair out of my head. I might be a boyish girl. But no one and I mean seriously no one messes with my hair. It’s my everything…

We started fighting and of course I won.  She ended up having a nose bleeding. I had blood on my hands.

Lexi: Take my shoes please. I gotta wash my hands.

Austin looked at me shocked.

Austin: no…

Lexi: what?

Austin: that was so not cool Lexi.

Lexi: she started. I just finished it.

Austin: I don’t care. There was no need for this.

Lexi: she tore some of my hair out; she kissed you and flirted with you as soon as she saw me in the doorway! She knew we were together! She deserved what she got. Beside that she’s ruined my heels and some of my dress.

Austin: Take your shoes yourself. I’ll be driving with Mark home.

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