The sky is the limit {Austin Mahone}

I found one of my old and very first fan fictions about the singer Austin Mahone, and decided I wanted to share it with you all. It's a short story, but it contains a lot of emotions. I hope you'll enjoy it, when you go on a journey back in time to my late 2011 stories. xx


19. Chapter 19


*at the airport Wednesday morning*

Michele: are you guys ready?

Austin: Always mom.

Lisa: It’s gonna be so good.

The plane was boarding and we sat down in it as soon as we found our seats. It was going to be a long flight. 4 hours and I didn’t really like flying but before I even knew about it we landed in New York.

Mac was there as soon as we got out of the airport, he was going to pick us up and then take us to a dinner some place nice. I wasn’t really dressed for a nice dinner but we went into a bathroom and changed. Lisa wasn’t dressed for it either so she and I had fun changing and doing our make-up.

Lisa: so how come you and Austin ended up? I remember you as some small kid. You’ve really grown through the past year.

Lexi: It was so random you wouldn’t believe it!

Lisa: OMG tell me.

Lexi: I was driving home from school and I just waved at him, Sky and Alex while they were playing basket. Then he came up to me and started talking to me as if we were speaking every day and then he invited me over for a fake movie night.

Lisa: he did?

Lexi: yeah it was kinda cute because he couldn’t stop blushing and I’ve been crushing on him in like forever and when he finally asked me just to hang out with him and his friends I was all over the place. It was so weird.

Lisa: aww that’s kinda sweet. You really like him don’t you?

Lexi: I really do. He’s changed a lot for me.

We spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom before we decided to go back out to the others. We were laughing so hard when we got out.

Austin: Someone looks like they’ve had fun. What took you so long?

Lexi: We spoke and laughed and changed and did our make-up.

Austin: You look beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need all that make-up.

Lexi: well that’s why I don’t use make-up every single day.

Austin: I know.

He kissed me on the cheek and then we got into Marks car.

Austin: so where are we going Mark?

Mark: remember that restaurant we were on the last time you were here?

Austin: yeah the one where we were just you and me?

Mark: yeah.

Austin: their food is sooooooooooooo great!

Mark: I know that’s why we’re going there.

Austin: look forward for it guys! It’s really the best!

Michele: better than olive garden?

Austin: okay OG win.

We laughed and then we drove into this really beautiful place and got the best food I had ever gotten. It was so indescribable.

As soon as we had finished dinner we left. Austin and Mark went home to Mark to hang out a bit while Lisa, Michele and I went shopping. Austin meant it was better if I got to know his mom and Lisa better now that I was going to live with them for a longer time. I didn’t mind at all. Lisa and I already got along great together. Michele was just a bit harder to get into.

Michele: what is your favorite place to shop?

Lexi: do I have to be honest? Because it’s always so expensive to shop there.

Lisa: Come on just tell us.

Lexi: I have a small obsession with channel.

Michele: wow…. Yeah that is expensive.

Lexi: told ya so.

Lisa: that street style and channel? That doesn’t make sense.

Lexi: I know but even a boyish girl need to be a girly girl sometimes. My point is shopping.

We laughed and went into a lot of stores. Since I had my mom’s credit card I bought a suit for both Michele and Lisa. I wanted them to like me. I know they didn’t need the presents but I really wanted to give them something as a thank you for letting me stay. 

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