The sky is the limit {Austin Mahone}

I found one of my old and very first fan fictions about the singer Austin Mahone, and decided I wanted to share it with you all. It's a short story, but it contains a lot of emotions. I hope you'll enjoy it, when you go on a journey back in time to my late 2011 stories. xx


17. Chapter 17


*Tuesday morning*

Michele: Lexi, wake up! School is starting soon.

Lexi: I’m not going before next week. I can’t go to school before most of my wounds have healed, order from Grace’s mother.

Michele: Oh I’m sorry. Just go back to sleep then. I’ll wake you up a little later.

Michele left but I wasn’t able to sleep. I hadn’t been able to sleep most of the night. I was sore no matter where I was. My head was sore, my back was sore and most of all, my arm was sore. My arm was sprained after the car accident.

One hour later Michele walked in again.

Michele: time to get up.

Austin: five more minutes.

Michele: Austin! Get up.

Austin: uhhhhh….

Michele: sorry for doing this Lexi.

She took the duvets away and Austin just turned around and hugged me.

Austin: I wanna sleep.

Michele: Austin! Get up.

Austin: fine.

He sat up but he was still kinda sleeping.

Michele: good.

After a couple of minutes we got up and we were ready within no time. When we were in the kitchen Lisa looked with an awkward look on both of us. She was so down to earth and all over the place at the same time. You couldn’t stop loving her.

Lisa: good morning love birds. Looks like you’ve had a rough night.

Austin: I need my sleep!

Lisa: You could have been sleeping instead of doing so much else.

Austin: we didn’t do anything.

Lisa: alright, alright.

She laughed and took her cup of coffee and went outside. The weather was great.

Michele: Austin! Mac has called me. He wants us to come over tomorrow if we wanna do that instead of coming next week. What do you think?

Austin: that would be awesome. Maybe Lexi could go visit some family.

Lexi: I don’t know. I don’t really like them.

Austin: why?

Lexi: I don’t know I just don’t.

Austin: that’s weird.

Lexi: I know.

I took a cup from the table and got some coffee too.

Austin: do you wanna travel tomorrow instead of Friday?

Lexi: 2 days in New York to shop? I don’t see why I should say no for that. I just gotta go to La Vernia today then. My mom is paying my tickets. She doesn’t want you to do that.

Austin: I can imagine why.

Lexi: beside that she said we could take my car to the airport. She wouldn’t mind.

Austin: that would be awesome.

Lexi: So are you joining me in La Vernia? We could spend the day there and maybe hang out with Alex and Robert and the others when they’ve finished school?

Austin: yeah sure! We could go to the mall before we’re going to La Vernia.

Lexi: sure I need new things anyway.

Austin walked outside where Lisa and Michele were sitting.

Austin: we’re going to the mall and then we’re going to Lexi’s mom’s place.

Michele: sure have fun and Lexi? Drive safe.

Lexi: I will.

We went into Austin’s room and got what we needed and drove to my mom’s place.

When we arrived everything was dark.

Lexi: I wonder where she is.

Austin: Let’s go knock on the door.

I knocked the door and waited for a minute. Some dude who was wearing a bathrobe and had morning hair opened the door.

Man: yeah? What can I help you with?

Lexi: Is Kate Braun here?

Man: yes who may I say wants to speak with her?

Lexi: dude if you don’t know who I am you shouldn’t be staying with my mom.

Man: I’ll get her.

He closed the door in my face and I felt how the anger was running around in my body.

Lexi: what a jerk.

Austin: I know right?

The door was opened again and I saw my mom as I had never seen her before. She seemed weak like she was on drugs or something like that.

Lexi: mom?

Kate: yeah?

Lexi: what have you done to yourself?

Kate: Oh nothing hun. Come in.

Lexi: No thanks. I’m only here to get the money you owe me.

Kate: sure is 1000 enough?

Lexi: mom?

Kate: wait here. This is actually your card. It’s for the next couple of weeks while your dad is gone. I’ve given you money to food, to the car and for your plane tickets and shopping money.

Lexi: thanks.

I took the card that had my name written on it and looked worried, but I couldn’t take care of it. At least not now.

Lexi: I gotta go mom. It was uh good to see you.

She kissed me on the cheek and then we left.

Austin: you know she was on something right?

Lexi: I think she’s been for a longer period. It’s not new. Her body would have been reacting different if she wasn’t used to it.

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