The sky is the limit {Austin Mahone}

I found one of my old and very first fan fictions about the singer Austin Mahone, and decided I wanted to share it with you all. It's a short story, but it contains a lot of emotions. I hope you'll enjoy it, when you go on a journey back in time to my late 2011 stories. xx


12. chapter 12


[Austin’s POV]

Austin: I’m gonna call her to see if she’s okay.

Alex: Maybe you shouldn’t.

Austin: I don’t care. I wanna know if she’s okay.

I took out my phone and pressed her name. She didn’t answer.

Austin: GRACE!

She came up to me.

Grace: what?

Austin: Can I borrow your phone?

Grace: sure?

I called her but she didn’t answer either. Neither did she when I called from Alex’s, Tyler’s, Sarah’s or Robert’s.

Austin: something’s wrong. She’s not answering.

Alex: calm down. She’s probably still upset.

Grace: I’m gonna go with Austin on this wrong. She always answers her phone when you keep calling her.

Grace’s phone started ringing a short second later.

Grace: hello? What? Mom but no? Is she okay? Where is she? We’re coming. I will. Thanks for calling.

Grace was crying something was definitely wrong.

Austin: Grace?

Grace: My mom is having a shift at work. She works at the hospital. Lexi just arrived with an ambulance. She’s been in a car crash. Her car is totally ruined and she lost a lot of blood.

She broke down more and more for every word and so did I.

I felt like my heart had left my body, like I had no part of myself left inside of me. I was empty.

Alex: I’m driving you to the hospital. Alex took an arm around Grace and started getting her out to his car. Sarah held an arm around me and took me to the car. She could that I needed the help.

[Lexi’s POV]

I felt pain all over my body when I opened my eyes. I wasn’t in my car. Everything was white. Heaven?

No there was no pain in heaven. I felt the blood that ran across my face and tasted it on my lips. Where was I? There were a lot of people around me and I didn’t recognize anyone of them. Quickly after this it all turns black again. They called my name but I couldn’t respond. It was like my soul tried to leave my body. I was fighting a huge fight inside of my head.

The next thing I remember is when I opened my eyes. It was the sound of his voice that made me do it.

Austin: babe? What have you done to yourself?

He was vulnerable and this made me realize that he didn’t care of what his friends said. He just wanted to be with me because that was what made him happy.

I tried to move my hands but I had almost forgotten how I had to do.

Austin: sweetie can you hear me?

I opened my eyes and blinked like a million times to get a normal sight. My body was sore but I didn’t mind that Austin hugged me with tears in the eyes.

Austin: thank God. Sweetie I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have kissed her. I know it was only a game but I’m so sorry! Forgive me please!

Grace’s mother walked into the room. Austin was the only one in here but I knew that Alex and Grace would be here too. Alex was the only one beside me who loved to drive.

Grace’s mom: I’m sorry Austin but she needs rest. I will have to send you out in the waiting room.

Austin left and Annie (Grace’s mom) looked at me.

Annie: Lexi do your parents know that you are here?

Lexi: no…

Annie: I’m going to get Grace call them. Get some rest. You will have to stay through the night.

Lexi: Annie?

She was about to leave but turned around.

Lexi: Why do I still live?

Annie: because you’re a present from God and you’re not done in this world yet. Enjoy your gift. Don’t waste it.

Lexi: I felt like a part of me tried to ripe itself out of my body.

Annie: it’s not strange. You lost a lot of blood. Nothing more to say, now get some rest.

She left and quickly after Sky walked into the room.

Lexi: If you’re here to say a lot of mean things about how I should have driven faster so I would have died you can leave.

Sky: No I’m not here to hate Lexi. I’m here to apologize. Austin is like my brother and he’s crying out in the waiting room. He loves you. So I’m gonna give you another chance. I’m sorry for the things I said and did. I didn’t want to hurt you. I just wanted to take care of my brother.

Lexi: it’s okay. I was a bitch myself. I love Austin… and next time I say that I don’t wanna be slapped in the face.

She hugged me and then walked out of the room saying deal.

It seemed like everything was going to be good after all. 

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