The sky is the limit {Austin Mahone}

I found one of my old and very first fan fictions about the singer Austin Mahone, and decided I wanted to share it with you all. It's a short story, but it contains a lot of emotions. I hope you'll enjoy it, when you go on a journey back in time to my late 2011 stories. xx


11. Chapter 11


Sarah walked back into the kitchen.

Sarah: is there a problem here?

Lexi: I think I’m going home. Everything is better than being here. I knew this was a bad idea.

I walked into Alex’s room and took my purse and jacket and walked out of the room without saying anything. When I was at Alex’s door about to leave Grace opened her mouth.

Grace: What are you doing?

Lexi: going home.

Alex: Why?

Lexi: Because everything is better than being here and getting hate. I shouldn’t have come I get that.

I walked out of the door and all the way out to my car before Austin got up to me.

Austin: Lexi?

Lexi: why did you invite me to this? Sky can’t stand me, neither can Ivan. Frankie, Zach, Jackie and Reagan aren’t saying anything because of course they wanna support their friends. What was the purpose of getting me to attend this?

Austin: calm down for a second alright?

His voice was so soft I couldn’t do anything else but calming down. I was about to cry but I didn’t want to break down again.

I took a deep breath and looked down on the ground.

Austin: I don’t care if my friends like you or not. They will end up liking you. You just gotta give them a little time to get used to it. They are afraid that I’m being used just because I’m some sort of big thing now.

Lexi: But why would I use you, when you were the one to invite me over. When you were the one to start the conversation… you were the one who started this! Not me. Maybe it would be better for everyone if we just stayed friends and nothing more.

I opened the door to my car and threw in all of the things I had in my hands. Austin took a grab around my arm and pulled me into him.

Austin: friends? Is that really what you want?

Lexi: I don’t know but one thing I do know is that I don’t want to be hated on. It’s not going to be just your friends. It’s going to be your fans too and I can’t deal with all that when I have a drunken father and a mother who left me. Maybe you should figure out what you wanna do because I don’t want to get hate for everything I do. Beside that I think Sky would be happy if you went out with her. She enjoyed that kiss.

I sat into the car and started it. Austin was empty for words and I was crying my eyes out. Why did I have to say those last words? I drove around in La Vernia. I didn’t know where to go.

[Austin’s POV]

I felt like someone just ripped my heart out. I felt angry and sad at the same time and I didn’t know if I was able to control this feeling.

I walked back inside where Grace stood in the hall.

Grace: so where is she?

Austin: she drove away.

I sat down on the floor and felt like my whole world was breaking down in front of me.

Austin: she drove away and said she thought it would be best if we were only friends.

Grace: WHAT? Austin she doesn’t mean that! Lexi is like my sister and I know that she’s insanely in love with you. She doesn’t mean it. She’s just upset. Give her some time.

Austin: But apparently we’re only friends now.

Alex came out. He knew I was sad, he knew me better than anyone.

Alex: What’s up man?

Austin: she left and apparently we’re only friends now thanks to Sky.

[Lexi’s POV]

I was driving around and crying my eyes out. I had nowhere to go and I didn’t feel like being anywhere. How could people be like that? I felt horrible! I drove faster and faster. What was the purpose of life when you lost the one you loved?

I had never asked myself that question before but I knew the answer. NOTHING.

I stepped on the speeder. I drove faster and faster. I didn’t see the other cars I was inside of my own head. I turned up the volume of the music.

I cried really hard and suddenly it all went black.

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