Not Coming Back

Just a short sad Fan-fic about Harry Styles.
***Enjoy and tell me what you think :D xx***


1. Not Coming Back

I turn my key into the lock and open the door to my apartment. I walk into the kitchen and set down the groceries I had just bought on the counter and then grab a glass of water . I walk into my bedroom and look around the room for any signs of Harry being there but for what seems like the 100th time there is no sign of him being home. Everyday I came home home hoping that he would be there but he is never. "Fuck" I drop to my knees and begin to sob uncontrollably. He hasn't been seen in weeks and he was officially pronounced missing yesterday. The phone rings and I rush over to it , swallow and pick it up "hello"? I ask praying that I will hear Harrys husky voice on the other end but instead I hear Niall's sweet irish accent "has Harry turned up"? his voice isn't even hopeful anymore he's been missing that long "no" I whisper, all I hear from the other end is crying, the boys are with Niall. "Were the fuck is he" Louis sobs in the background , I cant handle it "Talk later Niall" I say, put down the phone and lean against the wall with my head in my hands. 


I lie in bed like a starfish spreading my body over the whole bed, It feels less lonely this way. Harrys calone is still all over his side, I breath in the sheets deeply, god I miss him so much, I just want him to come back. I turn over and feel a bump in the sheets I jump off the bed and rip the sheet off, I turn the light on and look at the bare mattress, a small folded piece of paper lies there and my heart skips a beat as  I pick it up and read it. It is a doctors letter to Harry Edward Style, shit. I read over it quickly.........It is extremely sad and unfortunate to inform this to you Mr Styles but the kind of Cancer you have is extremely rare and untreatable......I stop reading and try to make sense of it all but all I can think of is Harry.Had.Cancer. I fold the letter over and find a note on the back. Fuck. I take a deep shaking breath and begin to read. 

___________  ***** reader can put a name in****** 

Yes I have cancer, or shall I say had. It is gone now and so am I. Im sorry I didn't make it the doctors told me I only had too weeks left to live. ______ I'm sorry but I couldn't bare to spend them with you or my family or the boys I wouldn't be able to see the look on your faces when I finally fade away. ______ you are amazing an I love you forever and ever and always no matter weather I am a spirt or living ______ you are my soul mate. Tell the boys I love them and they are the best mates I have ever had. I want all of you to know that I am sorry. Sorry that I left you without any answers, goodbyes or last kisses and I'm so fucking sorry that I got cancer and that this affects all of you more that me. I love you all so much, sorry, Harry 

The ink had been running in places. He cried while writing this. I cried while reading it and so did the boys. We couldn't believe it. We notified the police and his family. Everything ended and Harry never came back. From now on I always lie in bed like a starfish, smelling the sheets deeply and fall asleep crying. 


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