Gotta Be You (A Louis Tomlinson Fan fiction) FINISHED

Marley has been with her bf for 2 years and never notice someone who she was meant to be with. Read more to find out.. :)


21. Just an update

hey there. just dropping by to let you all know the sequel is in progress. i know you are all going to love it im enjoying writing it so that you (my readers) can enjoy the story. i want to post the chapters i have written already but i might just finish writing it then post it. comment and tell me your thoughts. and im always willing to put new characters in the story so let me know if you wanna be in the story. you can email me ( or you can tweet me (@kikikins09). if you want me to post the chapters i have done comment and tell me why you want the chapters uploaded. thank you so much ladies/gentlemen i dont know what i would do without you <3 

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