Gotta Be You (A Louis Tomlinson Fan fiction) FINISHED

Marley has been with her bf for 2 years and never notice someone who she was meant to be with. Read more to find out.. :)


2. Chapter 2


Louis’ P.O.V I walked out of class only to see Marley walking behind the nurse. I noticed she was walking kind of funny. She stopped and stood still for a minute. She put her hand up to her head and slowly started to fall. I ran up behind her and caught her in my arms. She looked at me like I was some sort of prince or something. I could smell her perfume. She smelled like vanilla. Then she looked at me like she had never seen me, but then again we had never spoken to each other, so I guess that could be the reason for the look on her face. “Are you okay love?” She looked at me with a smile. “I’m fine. Thank you for catching me.” “You’re welcome sweetheart. Can you stand at all?” “Yes.” She stood up for a while then almost fell again. I caught her again before she hit the floor. “Thanks again…I’m sorry what’s your name?” She asked looking into my eyes. “I thought you would know after all we do have study hall together…” I said with a laugh. How could she not know me? We’ve been in the same classes since kindergarten. “I’m Louis Tomlinson.” “Nice to meet you Louis. I’m M-“ I cut her off. “Marley Johnson. I know.” I said and smiled. I picked her up and carried her all the way to the nurse’s office. When we walked in the nurse said “Marley what took you so long?” I answered for her “Marley was walking behind you but I saw she was about to fall and hit the ground so I caught her and was talking to her for a couple of minutes. I’m sorry.” After apologizing to the nurse I laid Marley on the bed in the office and the nurse said “Thank you for your help Mr. Tomlinson. You may go back to class.” I turned to the nurse nodded, then looked back at Marley and said “Well Marley I hope you get better soon. See you tomorrow.” Then winked and walked away. I think I love this girl and I don’t even really know her yet.

Marley’s P.O.V After Louis left the nurse came and took my temperature and it came out normal. The nurse let me stay till the school day was over. “How are you feeling Marley?” The nurse asked. “I’m feeling a little better. May I go please?” “Yes. Just be careful and if it happens again you should go to the doctor.” “I will thank you.” I walked out of the office only to run into Louis. “Hey Marley. How are you feeling?” He said hugging me. “I’m feeling better. Thank you.” “That’s good. Text me sometime yeah?” I look at him thinking ‘Are you serious?’ then say “Yeah for sure. Here put your number in and I will text you later.” I handed him my phone. “Okay talk to you later.” He said as he waved and walked away. I walked out of the building to look for Andy. He was standing right by the door way where I had walked past. “Hi babe. How are you?” he asked. “I’m okay right now.” I was really nervous about telling him I might be pregnant. “So where did you wanna go babe?” I looked at him and said “To the clinic.” “What? Why?” He said. “To check and see if I’m…you know.”

 Andy’s P.O.V I saw Marley talking to some guy when she walked out of the nurse’s office. She handed him her phone. Is she cheating on me with him? She walks right past me and I say “Hi babe. How are you?” pretending I didn’t just see what she was doing with that guy. “I’m okay right now.” She looked like she was hiding something from me. Maybe it had to do with that guy she was talking to. I was curious about where she wanted to take me. I asked “So where did you wanna go babe?” She looked at me and said “To the clinic.” I felt my heart start to race. “What? Why?” I started to remember what we did a month ago when my parents went out of town. [Flashback]…after school one day Marley and I went to my house to watch movies and hang out. We were cuddling on the couch watching Marley’s favorite movie called ‘A Walk To Remember’. We got to the part where Jamie tells Landon “I told you not to fall in love with me” Marley started crying, I kissed her and said “It’s okay babe.” After that we kept kissing. It just felt right. Then we started to undress each other. She stopped me and said “Are you sure Andy this doesn’t seem right.” “Of course babe, I want you to be my first and my last. This feels so right.” I could tell she knew I meant what I said. We started to undress each other once again. “I love you Andy.” Is all she said before we started to have sex [end flashback]…”To check and see if I’m…you know.” She said as I snapped back into reality. I’m not ready to be a father! I’m not ready for all the responsibility. I’m only 17 I have my whole life ahead of me.

Marley’s P.O.V We walked to the clinic and put my name on the sign-up sheet. I was the next patient to be called on the list. It felt so weird to be in the clinic with Andy. He looked as if he didn’t wanna be here with me. “Andy is something bothering you?” he looked like he was on another planet. “No babe I’m fine.” “Are you sure?” “Actually I wanna tell you something. I think…” The nurse cut him off. “Marley Johnson!” We both got up and the nurse asked “So Marley, what’s wrong with you today?” “I threw up at school and I was wondering if you could give me a…” I froze. I didn’t know how to tell the nurse. “A pregnancy test?” I looked at her and nodded. “Okay I’ll be right back.” Andy stood there in shock. “This is why you brought me here!” “Andy please, not here I need you to be here with me.” Andy was mad that I brought him with me to the clinic. The nurse came back in and said “Okay Marley, I’m going to need you to give me a urine sample.” She handed me a little cup. I walk into the bathroom and it takes me, what seemed like forever, 5 minutes to come out of the bathroom. I then handed the cup to the nurse. “Okay I will be back with the results. It will take about 2 to 3 minutes.” “Thank you.” I say as she walks out. I’m scared to know the results.

Andy’s P.O.V As we walked into the clinic I couldn’t help but think I had to tell Marley how I feel. It was all sinking in. Today could either be the worst or best day of my life. “Andy is something bothering you?” She said in a soft worried voice. “No babe I’m fine.” I said thinking to myself ‘What the hell you chicken why didn’t you tell her?’ “Are you sure?” “Actually I wanna tell you something. I think…” Right before I could finish the nurse yelled out “Marley Johnson!” I couldn’t believe what happened the nurse cut me off before I could finish saying what I couldn’t hold in any longer. We walked in and I hear the nurse say “So Marley, what’s wrong with you today?” Marley replied “I threw up in school today and I was wondering if you could give me a…” “A pregnancy test?” I cringed at the sound of the words the nurse had said. I looked at Marley and she responded with a nod. “Okay I will be right back.” I quietly yelled “This is why you brought me here!” I was so mad at the fact that this is why she wanted me to come. “Andy please, not here I need you to be here with me.” I was so furious that I just wanted to leave. When I reached for the door the nurse had walked in and said “Okay Marley, I’m going to need you to give me a urine sample.” It seemed like forever for Marley to come out of the bathroom with the urine sample. She walked out handing the sample to the nurse. The nurse says “Okay I will be back with the results. It will take about 2 to 3 minutes.” I sit there thinking this is the moment of truth where I find out if I am a father or not.

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