Far from Home

Malia ran away from her home where her abusing father is rushing to catch her. When she ends up meeting the famous Niall Horan. Will they fall in love? or Will Malia's father catch her in time just to see what more she has in store for him?


1. Running

I kept my head down low as my dad was pounding his fist straight into my stomach, sobbing each hit. "What's the matter with you!, you know your supposed to give me everything I want!" He demanded. "I know, I know I'm sorry I forgot!" I cried. "Well you want next time!" he yelled just as the doorbell rang. Maybe this was my time to escape. "Stay where you fucking are, or you get hurt, got it?" he said pointing in my face. I nodded and watched as he walked down the long wooden stairs. I got up fast and looked out the window that felt like it dropped almost a million feet down. This is it. I jumped out the window landing hard on the ground making the slightest sound. I got back and ran as fast as I could down through the neighborhood stopping behind each house to take a breath. I ran until I finally reached a park which was probably a few hours from home. I climbed up the metal stairs and laid down beside a slide falling asleep.

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