It Hurts To Know.

It hurts to know that you'll never remember something I'll never forget.

Alexandria has never been more excited for anything. Finally after going through so much struggles and pain, she can FINALLY meet her idols. This was the one night she could get away. Away from all the hatred and pain at home. Away from all the abuse and hurt. But what she and her best friend Chloe thought was going to be an average concert- turned into the best night of their lives. What happens after Chloe leaves? Is Chloe really a TRUE friend? Who will Alex chose? And more importantly... who is hurting them? Will someone finally tell her she's worth it, that she's beautiful... and will somebody finally care for her?


7. You'll get your happy ending.


Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me, but bare this in mind, it was meant to be. And I'm joining up the dots to the freckles on your cheeks, and it all makes sense to me.




As Zayn, Harry and Liam were singing I walked over to Niall. He looked curiously at me. I turned around so the audience couldn’t see me and put my finger on my lips.


“Shh. I know you liked that girl, I saw you hug her.” I wiggled my eyebrows. “Here’s the passes, ask her.”


“Mate, you sure?” he paused. “This could help you get over-“


“Don’t. Say. Her. Name.” I calmly said. He gave me a hug and a small smile. “I’ll do your solo if your still talking. Go, give it to her.”


“Thank you Tommo.” He smiled. “This means so much to me.”


“Oh shut up Ni-Ni, and just get over there.” I said as I pushed him. This was going to be a long night.





I couldn’t believe my luck; LOUIS had given me his passes! I was so excited, maybe I could get to know her better, maybe even ask for her number. No. I WILL ask for her number. Wow, I had never felt so confident about a girl in my life. Ever.


I walked over to her silently praying that she would say yes. She was beautifully dancing, and hand banging to ‘Rock Me’ I laughed, and then saw the expression on her friends face as she saw me. I winked at her. I was about to call out to Alexandria- but then I saw her shirt. This made me want to explode with happiness- her shirt.


It had said, ‘Hello, my name is Mrs. Horan.’ Her friend… what’s her name? CHLOE! Chloe had one that said the same thing, but with Harry’s last name. I was beaming now, knowing that I was one of her favorites before coming.


What if that was the last one left and she just chose to get it? What if she doesn’t feel the same way about me and likes one of the other boys instead? Well, this was a risk I was going to have to take Screw it- I have the luck of the Irish, I can’t live on ‘what ifs’.  I saw her glance up, surprised, and then ran her hand through her hair.


“Hello love,” I said first, because I knew she was overwhelmed.


“Oh, um… Hi?” I took the backstage passes out of my pocket, waiting to give her it. As I took it out, I could see her mouth drop. All the girls around her started reaching for it, trying to grab the passes out of my hands. One of the girls even slapped Alexandria- so I guess that was my breaking point.


“Hey, girls, stop.” I tried hard to keep the anger out of my voice, but it showed through.


“What’s so special about that bitch? She’s ugly and fat.” I looked over to the girl, and then back to Alexandria- she started crying and walked away. I jumped off the stage and brought her back.


“Hey love?”


“Y…yes Nialler?”


“Please, don’t listen to them. Your beautiful, amazing, and don’t let anyone tell you different.” I could see a slight smile on her face. “But… will you PUHLEASE do me the honors of taking these backstage passes?” I guess she couldn’t talk, so she shook her head. Okay, go back to your seat and I’ll get you when the concerts done- it almost is; okay?”


“Okay Niall.”


“There’s that smile I love.” Wait- did I just say love? I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, and when I glanced up she was blushing too. “Well I gotta go. Kinda… in the middle of uh… a concert”


“OH! Yeah! Sure, go ahead.” I felt sad walking away from her- and I guess she was sad too. Does that mean she likes me? Like likes me? I don’t really know. I jumped up to the stage and grabbed the mic. They had finished the last song- and I wanted to say somethings.


“Hey, lovelies.” They all screamed. “Well, I just wanted to talk about hate.” I paused and looked over to Alexandria, seeing her shocked. “You know, I personally don’t understand hate. If I was just a ordinary lad, ya wouldn’t see guys come up to me and say that I’m gay, no? Well, I guess some chaps just don’t have the balls to do it.” I could feel Liam take a breath in- god, daddy direction.




“NOOOOO!!!!” I fake cried. Harry rushed over to me.


“LOUIS TOMMO TOMLINSON. YOU ARE A VERY VERY BAD FATHER. You cannot treat my child that way! Because of that, not only is this lad getting carrots, he is gettin half of your too!” Harry scolded Louis. Louis ran over to me and fell on his knees.




“Fine.” Louis smiled. But- this had gotten off topic. “Anyways, girl, don’t hate on one another. You are all VERY beautiful, and don’t let anyone else tell ya any different.” I was looking at Alexandria when I said this. “Its not okay to call each other names, or be rude to each other. You guys are all SEXAYYYY.” I tried making the mood lighter. I started dancing around, but I could still see tears in some girls eyes. “AWWWW CMON BEAUTIES! PUT A SMILE ON YER FACE!” They started smiling. “Ya guys are much better when smiling.”





"THANK YOU, TORONTOOOOO!!!! WE LOVE YOU, AND HOPE TO SEE YOU IN 2014!!" Yelled Liam. I screamed with Chloe as they walked away, but Niall staying. He walked up to us.

"Hey beautiful." He said as he looked at me. I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. It was about a minute before Chloe answered for me.


"Using my BFF mind reading skills, I have inquired that she says hi." He laughed.


"H..Hi!" I said. I still couldn’t process the thought. The thought of Niall and I being- oh and Chloe. Being alone. Meeting him- the person I want to spend my forever with.


"Hey babe." He said again, softly. "Give me your hands." I gave him both of my hands as he pulled me onto the stage. His hand fit perfectly in mine. (hehe.) I remembered their song, and started humming it. They felt so soft... I glanced around at the stadium. It was empty, the people had left.  I looked at Niall, seeing that he was pulling Chloe up. I felt jealousy course through my veins. He was MIN- WOAHH! Alex, calm down. You’ve only known him for what, five hours and he’s already ‘yours’? He probably wasn’t interested in me- just nice so Chloe would understand how much of a nice guy he is.


“You sing beautifully.” He whispered, sending goosebumps down my back.


“Pshh, sure I do.”


“YOU DO ALEXANDRIAAAA! IVE been telling you for the past few years but NOOOOO.” Chloe argued. I laughed.


“Why the sudden song?” Niall asked. “Why the part where we are singing about the hands fitting together? Why Zayn’s part?” I started blushing- but I think he figured why I was singing about that part.


“Oh.” He had a victory smirk on his face- why?


"Cmon." he told us. He put his hand lightly on my back, leading me behind the stage to their change rooms. His hand sent bolts down my back- in a good way. He was barely touching me!  So many thoughts were going through my head. What should I say? Should I be flirty? Sassy? Screw it, I thought. I'm going to be myself. As Niall opened the door, I could see Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn sitting on the couches, patiently waiting for us. I glanced at Harry, and he gave me a cheeky smile. Liam gave me a quick wave. As I looked at Louis, he gave me a quick wink making me have butterflies in my stomach; and I quickly winked back. I laughed when I saw the surprised look on his face- that’s right, I'M the sass master. The boys looked confused.

"Whats so funny?" Zayn asked.


"I believe I have found a sass apprentice." Louis said, with a smile in his voice. I reacted quickly.



"EXCUZZZE me? I am THE sass master. You are the apprentice." I said confidently while snapping my fingers. Everyone started laughing, but Louis just kept looking at me.


“OH GURL.” Zayn chimed in; he smiled at me. “I’m Zayn. Zayn Malik.”


“I’m Harry Styles, but you can call me Mr. Sexy.”


“I’m Louis Tommo Tomlinson, but you can call me the sass masta from doncasta.” I laughed at his fail attempt at an American accent. I turned to Liam.


“I’m Liam Payne, the sensible one.” And last but not least, I turned to Niall.


“Hehe… I’m Niall, and um, I like food?” I turned to face everyone.


“Well, I’m Alexandria, but you can call me Alex. I will beat anyone in a poking war,  and am the best at sass. Oh, and I also love food.” I paused. “Ya know, you guys didn’t need to introduce yourselves. I think everyone in the world knows who you are.” I smiled. I turned to Chloe. I guess she was still shocked.


“Oh, my Names Chloe Styl- Chloe. And Um… I’m Alex’s best friend?” They all mumbled Hi, and Harry laughed.


“Nice shirt.” He said. I saw Chloe’s face go red.


“I really like your shirt too Alexandria.” I heard Niall softly say.


“Well… I like your shirt too?” And then I realized what I was wearing. I looked down to have remembered I took my jacket off. “Oh. Umm, that.” I paused. “Well, ya know….”




It broke the boy’s hearts- all but Niall, to see that shirt. They had been so in madly love with her- to have realized Niall was her favorite. Liam had taken in the worst- he had lost all hope. He thought that maybe it said his name- and just maybe there WAS someone out there for him.

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