It Hurts To Know.

It hurts to know that you'll never remember something I'll never forget.

Alexandria has never been more excited for anything. Finally after going through so much struggles and pain, she can FINALLY meet her idols. This was the one night she could get away. Away from all the hatred and pain at home. Away from all the abuse and hurt. But what she and her best friend Chloe thought was going to be an average concert- turned into the best night of their lives. What happens after Chloe leaves? Is Chloe really a TRUE friend? Who will Alex chose? And more importantly... who is hurting them? Will someone finally tell her she's worth it, that she's beautiful... and will somebody finally care for her?


17. You don't know.


You really don't know-

You don't know the way I feel when I look into her eyes.

The butterflies that go through my stomach when I talk to her-

The things that go through my head as I think of her.

The memories that flash by, the moments we've had.

Where has that gone- what's happened?

Why is there so much pain- and so much bad?

Can we just forget- and start over?

Forget anything has happened- but still remember?



I stormed into the studio ready to slap Niall- how could he have hurt her? He knows how much she had been, and… and if he really loved her, he just WOULDN’T! She said she was okay, and put on a pretty good poker face- but her eyes; her eyes had shown all her emotions. Not only had I seen it- the boys had too. I felt a tight grip around my shoulder- and I turned around to see Liam.


“Mate, don’t do anything to rash.” He looked into my eyes.


“But he hur-“


“You don’t even fucking understand do you?” I heard Liam whisper- woah, this must have been serious, he was swearing now.


“What the hell do you mean lad?” I started getting irritated.


“Its not fair. Not fair that YOU get her.”


“But you guys don't lik-“


“YES WE DO!” I turned around startled by Zayn’s sudden outburst, why was he yelling?


“Louis, just like you- when we first met her; we all fell in love with her.” Liam looked towards the floor and sighed in defeat. “And… and it’s just not fair how after two days- TWO DAYS- you magically get to win her heart.” That crossed the line. I turned towards Liam and jabbed his chest with my finger- every jab pushing him further.


“Now YOU listen here.” I pushed him back. “She loves me- I love her. If she had some sort of feelings for you guys- she would have not said yes to me!” I turned around towards Zayn.


“Now- YOU.” I paused, “You’re the one that hurt her in the concert.” He looked surprised- but yes, I had remembered. “When she looked into your eyes- you hurt her. Zayn- that’s how sensitive she is. Even a hint of regret going through your eyes can hurt her.” Zayn looked down at his feet and started playing with his fingers.


“You don’t understand.” Zayn looked in my eyes- and walked away. I watched as he walked down the hall and through the doors. Why were they so pissy all of a sudden? I looked towards Liam again,

"I was the one there for her when she needed someone. I was the person who took care of her through bad times. I'M the one that cared for her. Even if it was JUST two days- TWO DAYS it took for her to fall in love with me- and me fall for her. THATS how strong it is." I gazed towards the wall and kept talking, "Liam you need to understand that I've never loved someone as much as I've loved Alex. When I'm with her she makes me feel like a different person- and not just another famous guy."


"Haven't you ever thought that we feel that way?" Liam muttered. I looked at Liam one last time before storming to Niall’s room- my footsteps echoing through the halls. As I twisted the knob for his room- the air got knocked out of my chest. What is this... why was he doing this?


A/N- Sorry I haven't been  updating! Things have been weird at home- I have a relative over, and theres so many things going on! I have my swimming test (provincial competitive!) soon, and my teacher recently told me about some writing and speech contest, so I'm pretty happy about that too!! Theres going to be celeb judges- and I'm hoping its going to be them- but they're going to be on tour while it happening so I wonder who it is! GAHH I probably wont even make it to that stage- so I'm trying not to worry TOO much. Anyways, please remember the CHARACTER CONTEST (PLEASE READ CHAPTER 13) and send all submissions to: !!!!

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