It Hurts To Know.

It hurts to know that you'll never remember something I'll never forget.

Alexandria has never been more excited for anything. Finally after going through so much struggles and pain, she can FINALLY meet her idols. This was the one night she could get away. Away from all the hatred and pain at home. Away from all the abuse and hurt. But what she and her best friend Chloe thought was going to be an average concert- turned into the best night of their lives. What happens after Chloe leaves? Is Chloe really a TRUE friend? Who will Alex chose? And more importantly... who is hurting them? Will someone finally tell her she's worth it, that she's beautiful... and will somebody finally care for her?



Please come away,

We will fly away,

Just me and you,

And let our worry's stay.

~Me, Alexis c:




Hi guys, I’m really sorry for not updating! Its just, I REALLY love writing, I do, but my mom doesn’t. She doesn’t like why, or what I’m writing about. Well it all started when I got a 98% on my creative piece in literacy (it counted for like 20% of our mark, YAY!) and my teacher said,

“Alexis, someday you’ll make a great writer- you really will.” It just- got to me. I loved writing, and I started. I had a different version of this story, or similar; but my mom didn’t like it. It had a kissing scene, which took me SO long to make, and she just got really pissed. I don’t know why, but I also kinda understand. It had a cuss here and there, like in the beginning with Alexandria and Aaron, and yeah. I’m just really sorry if I can’t update- and when I do, I really try my hardest to make it as long as possible. I sit in my bathroom (on the floor,) and write as much as I can. I’m trying to make her let me in creative writing classes, but we’ll see how it goes. Personally, I’m quite pissed because she acts as if im a 5 year old, and even does PHONE CHECKUPS everyday. I don’t know. ANYWAYS HERE YOU GO. P.S.- Please say who you ship?

#Nalex (Niall and Alex) #Lexandria (Liam and Alex) #Lalex (Louis and Alex) #Zalex (Zayn and Alex or #Arrex (Harry and Alex) IDK I’m bad at ship names. Someone please make some?

Thanks for listening potatos c:





"WELL THAN! Lets play truth or dare?" Niall said. God, his Irish accent.


"Okay!" I said happily. Everyone else agreed. "IM GOING FIRSTT!" I yelled. 


"Fine." Zayn mumbled.


"Okay... Harry. Truth or Dare?" I asked.


"Dare" he said with a twinkle in his eye.


"Hmm..." I wondered. "AHA! I dare you to go outside, running naked saying, ITSS THEE ENDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! And not talking- screaming it out loud." "Shit." He whispered. He walked outside and took his clothes off. I glanced out the window and saw him running around screaming. We all burst out laughing. A few minutes later he came, fully clothed, and head down.


“Why so sad Harry?” I asked.


“Paul saw me and started yelling at me.”


“Aww, does somebody need a hug?” I offered.


“Yes.” He said like a little kid would. I laughed and walked up to him and hugged him. He held for a second too long- but for some reason I was okay with that.


“MY TURNNNN!” Harry yelled in my ear. I smacked him.


“My ears!”


“Sorry!” he looked sad now.


“Do all of you guys seriously need hugs?” I muttered.


“YES!” they all yelled in unison, as loud as they can.


“Fineeee.” I went over to each of them, to hug them. But with each of them- I had mixed feelings. Some had fireworks- some sparks- but some so strong it hurt.


“OKAY, MY TURNNN.” Harry paused. “Alexandria truth or dare?” he asked.


“Darreeee! And guys, stop calling me Alexandria!!”


“Mkayy. I dare you, to tell us who was your favourite boy.”


“ERRRMM….” I squinted. “WELL CHLOE’S IS HARRRRYY!” I looked over, to see her wildly blushing. I turned my head back to Harry and he gave me a cheeky grin.


“I ment you, love.”


“Oh… well um…”


“IT WAS NIALL!” Chloe yelled. I looked over and gave her a death glare.


“Oh was it?” Niall said.


“Uhh, yeah. But I liked Li-Li a lot too.”




“But now I love you guys equally!” I said with a smile on my face.


“Okay MY TURNN!” Niall yelled.


“Gosh, whats up with the yelling?” I mumbled.


“Okay, Alexan- Alex. Truth or dare?”




“Cause your special.”




“Hmmm. I dare you to spend new years with us. Oh and you too Chloe.” He said, as if remembering Chloe was there.


“Oh… okay. I’d…er…. Sure.” His smile grew. After that dare, we laughed and laughed, but for some reason Chloe seemed down. I didn’t really wonder why. And then it hit me- my hug with Harry.




“You can’t pick two people!” Zayn yelled.




“Dare.” They both said in unison.


“I dare you guys to go out for a 30 minute walk, and just talk.”


“BUT I WAN-“ Harry was stopped


“Too bad.”


“BEGONE PEASENTS!” Louis yelled as I laughed.


“BUH BYEEE!” Chloe looked at me and mouthed thank you. The twinkle was back in her eye- and I was happy.



Sorry this was so short!! Its literally 1:41AM on a sunday night (so basically its Monday!), and as you know, my moms gonna get mad! (Read A/N above.) I woke up at 3ishPM, so if I’m not tired, I’ll start writing tomorrows one! Tomorrow’s chapter will be extra long, its gonna be about new years and stuff! Mind that in the story it’s DECEMBER 29 2012. K? bye potatos c;



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