It Hurts To Know.

It hurts to know that you'll never remember something I'll never forget.

Alexandria has never been more excited for anything. Finally after going through so much struggles and pain, she can FINALLY meet her idols. This was the one night she could get away. Away from all the hatred and pain at home. Away from all the abuse and hurt. But what she and her best friend Chloe thought was going to be an average concert- turned into the best night of their lives. What happens after Chloe leaves? Is Chloe really a TRUE friend? Who will Alex chose? And more importantly... who is hurting them? Will someone finally tell her she's worth it, that she's beautiful... and will somebody finally care for her?


11. Moments <3 -no quote sorry!-



The bouquet of flowers fell onto the sand as my heart broke- into millions of pieces. How could she do this to me… she had told me that I could be her forever. Not Niall- not Harry, not anybody. Me- just me. I saw her gaze up and look into my eyes as the kiss ended. A moment of hurt flashed through her face- and she stood up and walked this was. I turned around and started running- I couldn’t see her now. She had broken my heart, the one that I was saving for that special someone- her. I ran into my room and shut the door, tears streaming down my face.


“Lou- Lou?” I heard a knock on my door, I didn’t want to answer; I just sat there and quietly cried- cried my heart out. “Louis, please answer me.” I could hear the tears in her voice as she said it. No matter how mad- how angry, sad, tired- tired of this game I was, I couldn’t stand to see her cry. I gently opened the door and scooped her off the floor as she was crying.


“Hey love, stop crying; I should be crying- not you.” I faked a laugh- hurting my heart.


“No… stop it Louis. I don’t want you to ever use a fake laugh with me- not EVER. I don’t care how terrible I or YOU feel, NEVER fake laugh with me.” I stopped on my way to my bed and laid her down. How did she figure out?




“Louis, why are you crying?” she whispered.




“Louis, tell me.”


“You don’t understand. Alexandria- seeing you kiss Niall broke my heart. You don’t understand how it feels to be cheated- broken- and then falling in love, having that girl break your heart again.” I paused, pouring my heart out. “Alex, the way you make me feel is beyond words- whenever I’m with you, it’s as if you’re my other half. I have the best time… and I just don’t know how… how I could fall so hard- so fast.” I looked into her eyes. “After me and Eleanor broke up- I promised- promised myself I would NEVER fall in love. I knew eventually I would- but not this fast- not this hard. You’re exactly what I promised myself not to do. I tell myself it’s fake- just a rebound- but every SINGLE time I tell that to myself, I fall deeper- and harder.” I felt a tear roll down my cheek. “I find myself falling in love with you Alex- and sometimes so hard that it just hurts. Hurts to think that maybe someday I WONT be the one. The one to see you walk down the aisle- the one that will get to hold you- kiss you- touch you everyd-“ I got interrupted by her putting her finger on my lips.


“Louis Tomlinson- kiss me.” and that’s exactly what I did. I leaned in- slowly, as if I was afraid of hurting her. I could feel her breath on my lips- and could smell the salt water in her hair. I leaned in- sealing the kiss. A bolt of electricity shot through my body- and fireworks exploded mentally everywhere. It was perfect- the moment was perfect- she was perfect.




SORRRYYYY IT HAS BEEN SO SHOORTT! <3 This one was for Lauren- she knows who she is! She requested that the beach scene be with Niall- and this with Louis. I have SO many idea’s of where this story can go- its mindboggling! I may actually end up writing another story…. ACTUALLLYYY I AM! Each one with a different boy. I’m not going to tell you which boy this Movella is about… SO YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO READ FURTHER! Please comment your name and your favourite boy below- and who you SHIP so far- 1 person will be chosen for being one of the boys girlfriends!

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