It Hurts To Know.

It hurts to know that you'll never remember something I'll never forget.

Alexandria has never been more excited for anything. Finally after going through so much struggles and pain, she can FINALLY meet her idols. This was the one night she could get away. Away from all the hatred and pain at home. Away from all the abuse and hurt. But what she and her best friend Chloe thought was going to be an average concert- turned into the best night of their lives. What happens after Chloe leaves? Is Chloe really a TRUE friend? Who will Alex chose? And more importantly... who is hurting them? Will someone finally tell her she's worth it, that she's beautiful... and will somebody finally care for her?


38. Looking...



I walked out of the room 10 minutes later, and had the boys starring at me.


“Why do you guys look every time I walk out?”


“Because…” Louis trailed off.


“You look more beautiful every time…” Zayn mumbled. I could feel my cheeks burning, and I looked at myself. I wasn’t wearing anything really, just comfy clothes. It had started getting chilly, so I wasn’t wearing shorts. Blue and green plaid sweatshirt, with black tights. I put on some black earrings, and a green ring that I had been wearing to the concert. My mom had given it to me before she got sick, and it meant the world to me. I didn’t really have any makeup, just a thin line of eyeliner, and some pink lipstick. I hope we weren’t going anywhere fancy, but the boys didn’t dress like we were. But then again, they’re One Direction. They could make pajamas look classy…


“What took ya so long?” Niall said. I looked up, and snapped out of my daze.


“Oh yeah sorry… I was on the phone to my boss.”

“Your boss?” Liam asked.


“Yeah…” I looked down. “I haven’t been to work in a week, so he said I’m fired.” I smiled, trying to make it okay.


“That little-“


“NO Harry, really it’s okay. You couldn’t even imagine how much he’s been there for me, especially when I was going through some rough times with my dad.”


“Oh,” Harry said.


“ANYWAYS! On a light note, lets go.”




“Guys, where are we going?” She was putting on her UGGs, and trying to text someone at the same time.


“You’ll see,” Zayn said.


“Alex? Who are you texting?” I asked.


“Oh, I’m texting Judith. Apparently, where we’re going… she’s coming with us?”


“Yeah, she is. Sorry I forgot to tell you.” Louis said. We all surrounded Alexandria, and walked down to the elevator. I pressed the down button, and the doors opened.


“Guys, can I ask you a question?” Alexandria asked us, as she walked in.


“Yeah,” we all said.


“And you’ll honestly answer it?” She asked.


“Have we ever lied to you?” I said.


“No, bu-“


“You can trust us,” I said.


“Why me?” She sighed. “When you could have the most beautiful girl in the world, why did you guys choose me?” For some reason, this got me mad. I took a step forward and looked her in the eye.


“But the thing is love,” I closed the space in between us, and looked at her intently. “We already have the most beautiful girl in the world.” Now you see, at this moment, I probably would have kissed her. But I know how the other lads felt, and I didn’t want to start anything. I walked back to my place, and took my phone out. I could feel everyone starring at me, but I could care less. I heard the elevator ding, as we got out. We were immediately surrounded by guards, and Alexandria between all of us. We walked down towards the back of the building, and through the back door. Waiting for us there was a long limo, and we ran in. Flashes were everywhere and so many people were asking questions, I couldn’t even understand most of them. As we sat in the car, the silence took upon us all.


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