It Hurts To Know.

It hurts to know that you'll never remember something I'll never forget.

Alexandria has never been more excited for anything. Finally after going through so much struggles and pain, she can FINALLY meet her idols. This was the one night she could get away. Away from all the hatred and pain at home. Away from all the abuse and hurt. But what she and her best friend Chloe thought was going to be an average concert- turned into the best night of their lives. What happens after Chloe leaves? Is Chloe really a TRUE friend? Who will Alex chose? And more importantly... who is hurting them? Will someone finally tell her she's worth it, that she's beautiful... and will somebody finally care for her?


27. Chapter 27. Must read A/N



I’m aware I have many flaws, but one thing about me is

I’ll always be here for you when things go wrong.





The smell of bacon strongly hit me, waking me up. I scrunched my nose up- I hated bacon for two reasons. One- pigs are disgusting; two, I’m Muslim. Yeah, so I couldn’t necessarily eat it, even if I liked it. I realized a warm arm was wrapped around me, and my feet were tangled with someone’s. I opened my eyes and realized it was Liam- and still sleeping. I watched as his chest peacefully rose, and his mouth in a smile. I remembered the events of last night- it all hitting me like a slap in the face. I realized I was now in love with 4- no, three. I will NEVER be able to forgive Louis. I couldn’t believe what he had done. A tear escaped me and streamed down my cheek, making the slightest bit of a thud as it hit the bed. I remembered how many times I had said I love you last night, and whom I said them to. Was I in love with Niall? Yes. Was I in love with Harry? Yes. Was I in love with Liam? I looked at his eyelashes as they slowly fluttered. Yes. Again, I was in love with the same guy. I realized I had a date with Niall later on, so my eyes popped open. I didn’t exactly know how to wake Liam up, so I did exactly what I did with Louis. I leaned in and lightly kissed him on the nose, my cheeks already blushing. He started smiling, but he still wasn’t awake. I leaned over again and decided to kiss his cheek, but something in me moved it to his lips instead. His eyes opened as I leaned back, and his grin grew larger.


“Good morning Liam,” I said.


“Good morning love.”


“It’s time for breakfast.”


“I know.”




“Well one, I can smell the bacon. And two, I’ve been awake for the past half n’hour love.”


“So you…”


“Yeah, I was awake for both the kisses.” He winked, and I threw a pillow at his face. I saw his surprised face as I jumped off the bed, and ran towards the door. I opened the door, running out into the kitchen. I saw Harry cooking by the stove, and Niall and Zayn sitting and eating. I opened my arms towards Niall, and he jumped out of his chair, also opening his arms up. I jumped into his arms, him spinning me around. As soon as he put me down, he placed a kiss on my head and whispered into my ear.


“Where were you last night?”


“At Liam’s.” I paused. “But don’t worry, nothing happened.” I winked at him and ran to Harry.




“GOOODDDDDD MORNING LOVEEE!” He yelled back. He opened his arms for a hug, and I hugged him. I took a breath and I could smell the spicy scent of his cologne.


“You smell good.” I blushed right after saying the words. I looked towards a now running Liam, and hid behind Harry. Harry was about three inches taller than me, but I was wider than him. “HALP!” I screamed as Liam ran towards me. I looked up. “And don’t let him get me!” I directed my eyes towards Zayn, and raised my eyebrow. He let his arms up in surrender and said sorry. I felt Harry’s body crouch as he got into a fighting stance, and I crouched down too.


“Come at me brah!” Harry said. I started laughing, and I turned my head to see Niall looking at me, amused look on my face. I stuck my tongue out, and I poked him in his stomach.


“Owie!” He made the cutest hurt look I have ever saw. He started crouching, also getting into a fighting pose.


“NOO!!! ZAYN HALP!” I looked towards Zayn, and he put his hands up.


“Hey, remember I’m not exactly the best defender, eh?”


“WELL PROVE YOURSELF!” Zayn automatically stood up and ran towards me, standing between Niall and I. My heart started beating faster; the guys I loved surrounded me. As Niall started walking towards Zayn, the lock of the front door clicked open. My eyes rapidly turned towards the door, who could it be? But there was one person who it could have been- Louis. My heartbeat became so fast, I could have sworn the boys around me heard it. In half a second I caught the blue eyes as they came past the opening door, and they broke my heart.  They were so fake, and they looked- broken. His smile on his face was fake, and the girl his arm was around was, he didn’t love. His laugh, the one he had used a few days before. It was plastic, and so many things were wrong with it. I just wanted to look into those blue eyes again- tell them that everything would be alright. That I would always try my hardest to never let him get hurt. I wanted to protect him, hold him- just like he did towards me. My eyes directed towards the girl. She seemed beautiful, nice. I wondered if she knew that Louis didn’t love her, that his feelings for her weren’t real. Louis leaned down and kissed her cheek, and my heart broke. The girl seemed happy, and she was just like me- she was an open book. She seemed love-struck, and so happy. They intertwined hands as they walked towards us, and Louis spoke first.


“Hey lads,” he nodded towards me. “Alexandria.” My heart hurt as he said my name- he practically spit it out. Niall scratched his head and looked towards me, and I guess he could see the tears swelling up in my eyes. The girl bounced up to me, her blond hair going up and down. There was a twinkle of happiness in her eyes- and they were a mysterious color. They were grey, but flecks of blue thrown in there.


“Hi I’m Judtih!” She had a slight accent, and seemed so bubbly. For some reason I automatically liked her- even though she should be the enemy. I reached my hand out for a shake, and she took it.


“Hey, I’m Alexandria!” I paused, “but you can call me Alex.”


“Umm… Alex, do you want to go?” Niall asked


“Where are we guys going?” Harry asked.


“I don’t know. Out.”


“Ermm… well I’m gonna go get changed.” I awkwardly walked past the boys and into my- Louis room. A tear streamed down my cheek as I grabbed everything I had, and took them outside. “Where can I put…”


“You can put it in my room” all the boys said at the same time. I felt awkward staying in one of the boys rooms… but for some reason I felt like Zayn was the best choice.


“Thanks Zayn!” There was a flash of disappointment on some of their faces, but it didn’t matter.


“Yeah go sleep with every lad you see.” I turned back towards Louis.


“What did you say?” what… Harry walked towards Louis.


“What. Did. You. Say?” Harry said, his voice seeping with anger.


“You heard me,” Louis smirked. I saw as Harry’s fist collided with Louis jaw, and everything went black.



I saw many dreams when I was sleeping. I saw one with my mom, the memories we had together. I remember sitting there as she taught me how to tie my shoes, the happiness that sparkled in my eyes. I almost can’t remember that sparkle. Whenever I visit her, all I see is sadness- like she wants me to… pull the plug. Then I dream of my dad. But I dream about the OLD dad. I remember me being his little angel. He said that he would never hurt me- but promises are meant to be broken. I remember him helping me with my homework, and laughing at me when I didn’t understand. And I remember our last happy memory together. Him telling me jokes at the hospital when we were waiting for my moms tests- but even though he was dying inside. Then all the boy’s faces pop up into my head. Individually I go through the memories, Louis’ last. It killed me to remember how happy I was with him- a pain in my head made reality come crashing towards me. I saw a bright light as I opened my eyes, and I saw six heads standing over me.


“Alexandria are you okay?” I knew that voice- Louis’. He was grazing my cheek with his hand, I was repulsed.


“Get your hand off me.” I snapped. He stepped back, horrified. I felt the bed around me, and I recognized it as Niall’s bed. “What time is it?”


“Around ten AM love.” Harry said. I whipped myself off my bed, a headache striking me. I took a step back, my head pounding. I tried to not think about it, and I summoned my whole strength and took Niall’s hand. I intertwined my fingers in his, and I remembered that we were supposed to spend the day with him. I looked up into his blue eyes, and my heart melted.


“Can we go?” I dragged him out of the room.


“Are you sure… I mean we can go tomorrow if you don’t feel good, yeah?”


“No no… I’m fine. Can we just leave?” I looked up towards him, “I’m hungry can we go somewhere for lunch?”


“Nandos?” I smiled, I loved Nandos.









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