Not perfect without you

Jennifer has a best friend named Harry styles and she's known him since preK. But when he try's out for the X factor, will he remember her?


1. Chapter 1

"Harry shhh", I said in my squeally voice. We were both in kindergarten and I only met him last year. He was crying because some boys were giving him a hard time. I decided to sing. I sang castle in a cloud from les miserables. A French play.

"I know a castle in a cloud
I like to go there in my sleep
Aren't any floors for me to
Sweep? Not in my castle in
A cloud.

There is a lady all in white
Hugs me and sings a lullaby
She's nice to see and she's
Soft to touch. She says,
"Cosette, I love you very much.

I know a place where no ones
Lost. I know a place where no
One cries. Crying at all is not
Aloud. Not in my castle in a
Harry was starring at me with twinkling eyes. "That was beautiful", he said in his squeaky kindergarten voice. I smiled. I loved Harry. He was a good friend. He kissed my cheek and left. I smiled again and walked away. My blond hair falling right behind me.
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