Cute Scenes

This is not, and I repeat is NOT an actual book. This is just some scenarios/moments that I thought were really cute. I didn't want to forget any of these ideas so I decided to write them down. You are welcome to 'borrow' some of the ideas if you would like to put them in your story. I hope you enjoy these cute scenarios that I have come up with.


1. New Years Eve.

Alright well heads up, I am using random names and a random place etc. This aren't any specific people in the real world or from a story. Anyways, have fun reading and don't forget that you can use some of these if you'd like.

I continue to take a stroll around Times Square to spot where my friends are because the countdown was going to start any minute. I see Cassidy standing alone in the crowd so I started to approach her until I saw a cute guy hand her a drink as she smiles politely at him. Well, I can cross Cassidy off my list of people to countdown with. I continue to walk around to see if I can spot Jake, or Luke. They both had dates but I had to spend it with at least someone, even if it means to awkwardly stand there while they give each other their New Years kiss. I see Jake just standing outside of the big crowd with his date.

   "Hey! Where's Luke?" I ask.

   "I don't know, he said he was going to be back soon." Jake replied while shrugging his shoulders.

   "Hm, where is his date?" I tilt my head in confusion looking around for her.

   "I actually have no idea, maybe that's where Luke went. To go find Bianca." Jake smiled sweetly.

   "Come on Jake, let's move forward." Jake's date tugged on his sleeve and slouches.

   "Sorry, I've got to go! Have a great New Years!" Jake said walking deeper into the crowd as he lifts a hand to say goodbye.

    "Yeah, great New Years it is." I said to myself as I frowned at the ground  and walked away from Times Square. 

   This New Years sucked so bad, especially because Luke has a date. I have had a crush on him ever since we met. It was like love at first sight, and I feel so special to be able to be his best friend. Of course, I got friend-zoned for a while but I really don't mind. I spotted a fountain close by and a bench sitting right in front of it. I stroll over to the bench and take a seat. I looked at the huge crowd of people smiling, laughing and having a blast which caused me to sigh. I stared at the ground and leaned back onto the bench, waiting for the countdown.

   "Jess!" A voice said. I slightly lifted my head and saw Luke running over to me. I instantly shot up and smiled at Luke, "Hey," He sat down beside me heavily breathing, trying to catch his breath.

   "Why are you here?" I asked.

   "Jake said he saw you runni-"

   "No, I meant... where's Bianca?" I stared at the ground.

   "She uh, stood me up," I looked up at him frowning. He looked at me reassuringly and gave me a slight smile.

  "I'm so sorry!" I said with a frown, even though I was jumping with joy on the inside.

   "Nah, it's fine," He stared at the ground and chuckled.

   "What?" I leaned forward to try to get a glimpse of his face.

   "It's nothing," He laughs again.

   "Seriously what?" His laugh made a smile grow on my face.

   "The one time I thought I had a date for New Years, and it's gone," He turned himself to face me.

   "Welcome to the club," I sighed and looked into Luke's eyes.

   "Well, we are both single and sitting here," His eyes glistened as he said those words.

   "What are you trying to say," I gulped nervously.

   "It's New Years Eve, no one wants to spend it single right?" He scratched the back of his head.

   "Are you asking me out?" I asked him.

   "No, no.. just, we can be each others date, nothing more," He smiled at me. The butterflies took flight in my stomach as my smile grew bigger.

   "I would love to!" I quickly replied.

   "Alright people, are you ready for this?!" The announcer said. I felt cold fingers push my hair behind my ear. I looked and Luke was looking at me, he has never looked at me like this before. I looked at him confused until he took my face in his hands.

   "Luke," I said quietly.

   "If you're someone's date on New Years Eve, you gotta kiss 'em right?" Luke hesitated, staring down at my lips.

   "Well, yeah but-"

   "10, 9, 8, 7-" The crowd started to chant.

   "Luke!" A girl yelled. I turned my head, it was Bianca. She started to run towards us, and Luke stood up.

   "Bianca, I thought you weren-" Luke tried to say.

   "I'm sorry, but there's no time for talking!" She leaned in and kissed him.

   "1! Woohoo!" The crowd went wild. I sat there, staring up at Bianca and Luke, watching them enjoy their New Years kiss. My heart dropped, Happy New Years.

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