Missing Love

Kaitlyn just started a new school, new life, and new friends but who are her friends Kaitlyn and her friends that she made in her new school go to see One Direction in concert but there was a surprise that she got backstage passes to see One Direction and she becomes the boys' best friend and her friends are the boys' girlfriends but will she fall in love with the boys? or Will they have feelings for her?


5. Why am I the one who gets hurt?

Since I told Liam that I liked him we haven't talked and its kinda making me sad cause he's not talking to me but ever since Liam and Angelique have been going out which was like 4 weeks ago Angelique has gotten very rude and mean she is bossing Liam around and being mean to everybody in the group and I feel bad for him he has to deal with it.


It's been 2 years since I've moved here and meet the boys and started hanging out and everybody that got together are still together and I had a boyfriend here and there but I have one now and his name is Ronald and the the most nicest guy I ever met and we've been dating for a few months now and Liam is protective of me now I don't know what got him this way his like my big brother but he's getting weird.

Liam's P.O.V.

Ever since Kait has been going out with Ronald I've been protective and I been a little crushed that she has been going out with him cause now I notice Angelique is being a bitch but I'm still with her and I can't ask Kait out cause she is with Ronald and I like her a lot now she is like my life I can't lose her ever she is important to me.

Kaitlyn's P.O.V.

It was a Friday night and Ronald wanted me to take me out for dinner so I got ready I put on a beautiful dress and curled my hair and he drove and we went to Chili's and it was good and then we went to the park and there was this girl that came up to Ronald started talking and I had to go to the bathroom and I told him he said "Okay" and kissed me on the cheek and I went to find a bathroom and as I came out I saw Ronald kissing the girl that came up to talk to him I froze and he saw me so I ran away he chased me to the boy's house and I hurried inside and I tried to close the door but he got there in time and I couldn't close it and I let go and ran upstairs and ran into the room on the right and I closed it and locked it and he said "I'm sorry she kissed me and I couldn't stop her!!!" I said "I don't care you hurt me its over!!!" and I felt at tear coming down my cheek I really did like him but he hurt me so bad so I slide down and started to cry then I heard the door close I looked out the window and I saw Ronald crying not only me got hurt but Ronald did too.

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