Missing Love

Kaitlyn just started a new school, new life, and new friends but who are her friends Kaitlyn and her friends that she made in her new school go to see One Direction in concert but there was a surprise that she got backstage passes to see One Direction and she becomes the boys' best friend and her friends are the boys' girlfriends but will she fall in love with the boys? or Will they have feelings for her?


12. Now my life has changed

Kait"s P.O.V.

So now I'm pregnant so this is going to be weird I never knew that my life would be so different now that a fetus is growing inside of me. I'm just so happy but its shocking but Liam is not going to be there cause he has a tour and I want to support him but I can't go anywhere I don't want to take any risks. So now that I have to be here and support him here. I'm just so tired that I went to sleep later that day.

Liam's P.O.V.

Well we were going on tour in just a few days and I don't want to leave Kait here but her friends will be here with her but I have to say that I'm in love with her. 

                                                              ********Three days later

Well I have packed for the tour but I'm sad that I have to go but I get to travel and I never got to travel before except that when we where going on family vacations to Puerto Rico. But I'm leaving Kait here while she is pregnant but she says she would be fine but I don't know its going to be hard without me here she needs all the support she needs. I'm just worried that something might happened which I always worry about her she is like the love of my life and I would do anything for her. So I finished packing for tour and put my bags by the front of the door in the main room and the car was here and then I went out the door to the airport. 

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