Missing Love

Kaitlyn just started a new school, new life, and new friends but who are her friends Kaitlyn and her friends that she made in her new school go to see One Direction in concert but there was a surprise that she got backstage passes to see One Direction and she becomes the boys' best friend and her friends are the boys' girlfriends but will she fall in love with the boys? or Will they have feelings for her?


13. I NEED HELP GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

Okay guys I need ideas for the rest of my story I've been on writers block for a very long time and I need ideas what I should do next with the story. I would try to put all of your ideas in to the story okay. Here what you can do you can email me or message me anywhere I will put my emails and other stuff on the bottom of this message so you guys can tell me your wonderful and creative ideas. Thank you for all your help :) 








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